Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 Facts Friday- Thanksgiving

Today is my Friday, yay for a two-day work week.

  • Thanksgiving is my all time, hands down, favorite holiday. Last year I was lucky enough to have four thanksgivings and it looks like I'll get a couple this year, too. I just can't get enough! Growing up, my family had the run-of-the-mill, traditional "American" fare: green bean casserole, turkey and stuffing, sweet potatoes, and always deviled eggs. When my English stepdad came into our lives, we added beets and swede, which is basically mashed rutabagas. This New York Times post, The American Thanksgiving, made me feel so warm inside and wish that my immigrant Grandparents had past on more old-world culture.
  • Here is an artist's rendering of me at Thanksgiving

  • BBC introduced me to PieCaken, which is the Turducken of desserts. I am going to attempt a less glorious version for Thanksgiving, so wish me luck!

  •  Flashback to that time I spent Thanksgiving in London.
  • To finish with a smile, our adopted alley cat's "birth mother" has officially transferred custody of Buddy to the Crowes! I'm so thankful for the love Buddy has brought to our lives. He started warming up to me the day after we put Cecilia down, which helped mend a gaping kitty cat-sized hole in my heart.