Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Facts Friday- Scent Edition

Too many smells for one week!

  • Yesterday, while busing to work, a man got on the bus smelling like an old cat turd. Why do I know what an old cat turd smells like, you ask? My beautiful Cecilia was a geriatric, diabetic kitty. I found random cat turds in my closet and under the bed for several months after she died and the smell was.... unique. Like a salted, hot, dirty gym sock. Those postmortem turds were little memory treasures.
Prettiest marshmallow ever

  • I just love the way books smell. Even the musty old ones; especially the musty old ones! I can't imagine reading on a Kindle or e-reader. I recently signed up for a book-sending chain letter, of sorts. I had done so a year-ish ago and never got a book in return, so I was a little hesitant of giving it another shot. Last night I got a book!!! I've never heard of All the Light we Cannot See, but I'm excited to start reading it. If you're interested in my reading lists, you can take a look-see on my Goodreads profile.
  • Kevin Murphy's hair products are the best smelling products EVER! I've spent countless hours searching for a perfume that smells as heavenly as my Blonde Angel Wash. I would smother my body in it if it wasn't purple. Last week, while at the salon gettin' my hair did by Pam, I learned that Kevin Murphy makes candles for the holidays. This Christmas I want 1,000 KM candles!!
  • Phil Collins was at the top of my celebrity crush list for years. Then I contributed to a crowd-sourcing documentary campaign and the final product, a movie about his obsession with the Alamo, turned me off. He just seemed too old, despondent, and withdrawn from his musical genius. My crush was squashed, until...
    • Phil Collins was on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week and BBC came into the bedroom to wake me up to watch it. I was in a dead sleep and just couldn't muster any strength to get out of bed. Besides, I thought my crush was crushed, but when I watched the segment online later my affections resurfaced. 
      • It's completely acceptable for me to have a crush on Phil Collins, because my boo has always had a Phil Collins quality about him.
        • I know this isn't about a scent, but sight and sound are senses and so is smell, so that's good enough for me.
          • I really like bullets.
  • I have become lavender obsessed recently. Up until a few months ago I only liked the taste of lavender and couldn't understand why people thought the scent was relaxing. Now I just can't get enough of lavender-scented everything!

Wishing you a scentacular weekend!!