Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Facts Friday

I am so in love with this Friday, because tomorrow I will be on the beach in Mexico, drinking a piña colada with my sweet husband for our 3rd honeymoon!!

  • BBC and I originally honeymooned in Fredricksburg (read about it HERE) as we didn't have money to travel much farther. While we had a lovely time, I decided that I wanted to honeymoon every year. I still fully support this idea! Tomorrow we will be in Isla Mujeres, or as Google images calls it.... Heaven
  • And while I'm not currently in Mexico, I'm pretty sure I already have Montezuma's revenge. 
  • Yesterday BBC came home during the day and witnessed a police chase in our alley!! APD even tweeted about it with the hashtag #WhatThe Helicopter. This wasn't one of those high speed chases, rather it was on foot and I imagine it looked exactly like this.

Reno 911! - Police Helicopter by wiredset

  • Last night I re-watched Misery and lord almighty, that Kathy Bates' character is insane. Do yourself a favor and watch the cockadoodie movie again!
  • And now.... I must start packing!!!

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