Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Facts Friday

I am so in love with this Friday, because tomorrow I will be on the beach in Mexico, drinking a piƱa colada with my sweet husband for our 3rd honeymoon!!

  • BBC and I originally honeymooned in Fredricksburg (read about it HERE) as we didn't have money to travel much farther. While we had a lovely time, I decided that I wanted to honeymoon every year. I still fully support this idea! Tomorrow we will be in Isla Mujeres, or as Google images calls it.... Heaven
  • And while I'm not currently in Mexico, I'm pretty sure I already have Montezuma's revenge. 
  • Yesterday BBC came home during the day and witnessed a police chase in our alley!! APD even tweeted about it with the hashtag #WhatThe Helicopter. This wasn't one of those high speed chases, rather it was on foot and I imagine it looked exactly like this.

Reno 911! - Police Helicopter by wiredset

  • Last night I re-watched Misery and lord almighty, that Kathy Bates' character is insane. Do yourself a favor and watch the cockadoodie movie again!
  • And now.... I must start packing!!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Facts Friday

It's Friday, y'all...

  • My new favorite thing is BelGioioso fresh mozzarella snacking cheese, which is ciliegine-sized mozzarella in tiny packages of 3. I want to immediately eat four more every time I have a package, which I suppose defeats the purpose of a snack. I found this video, which is now my 2nd new favorite thing, when I searched online to find a product picture.

  • A couple of months ago I tried my hand at painting with watercolors. I loved the watercolor class I took in college and had started feeling disappointed about not having any creative endeavors, beyond shopping. This was my first painting of our alley cat, Buddy. It is now hanging in my office and I'm still waiting for someone to ask if my kid painted it.

  • BBC and I are going to Mexico in October for our 3rd wedding anniversary! Unbelievably, as we are both native Texans, neither of us have been to Mexico. We are going to Isla Mujeres, a small island off the coast of Cancun, due to a super cheap, direct flight and the recommendation of friends. Conveniently, the traditional gift for 3rd anniversaries is leather, so here's hoping that I get a lovely, leathery tan while in the Caribbean. And since my husband has a hard time picking out gifts for me, I'm going to leave a little hint HERE.
  • Speaking of married life, we recently watched Anomalisa and I was hilariously turned on by the puppet sex scene. I don't think further elaboration is necessary.

  • Today, while in the bathroom at work, there was a woman in the stall peeing with a slice of cake (on a plate) on the bathroom floor! Even worse, someone in my office microwaved bacon this morning and didn't offer to share any with me!