Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lady Church

I Megabus-ed in and out of Dallas earlier this week to "get into formation" with my girl Jamie and watch Beyonce at Cowboys Stadium. It was magical! Beyonce is the supernatural God of Lady Church and it should be required that every female worship at her altar before getting their period and transitioning into womanhood. I cannot quite explain the sensation that coursed through my veins while watching that magical creature sing and dance for 2.5 hours. I felt empowered, youthful, and surprisingly eager to be stronger and more feminine. Here are some highlights of my trip:

Jamie took me to Yucatan Taco Stand in Lower Greenville to share what can only be described as wedding cake-sized nachos. They were insanely delicious, but we could only power through half of them before the tequila slowed us down.

I never took a picture, so I borrowed this one from Yelp
There was a shallow basin at the end of Beyonce's stage/runway that filled up with water, unexpectedly, towards the end of the performance. The $700/ticket crowd around the Beyonce lagoon went absolutely insane as she and her dancers stomped buckets of water in their faces. Someone passed her a Texas flag and the most adorable Christmas morning smile snuck up on Beyonce's face as she twirled around. Angelic... how can a woman my age be so heavenly?!

My husband has been heartbroken by the death of Prince. As a result, I have seen so many Prince tributes online, from Garth Brooks to D'Angelo. Midway through the concert I heard the beginning notes of Prince's The Beautiful Ones and I lost my freakin' mind. Jamie and I were screaming our heads off once the fog machine blew out purple haze. It was such a beautiful tribute.

This video isn't from the concert (see Footnote), but it's so beautiful and you can glean my experience from it.


I know how ridiculous it sounds... my life was truly changed by this concert. I worship at the Lady Church and Beyonce is my God.

** Footnote **
I was so engrossed in the moment, that I didn't take any pictures at the concert. Go figure, I watched a performance through my eyes and not my iPhone. Accordingly, I got my photos from Beyonce's official tour pics HERE and video from YouTube.

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