Friday, May 6, 2016

5 Facts Friday

  • Something has happened to me neurologically, I can only assume, as I am suddenly forgetting to zip my pants after going to the bathroom.
  • I have accidentally started reading the books of Meryl Streep movies. It started with Out of Africa, which you shouldn't bother to read, followed with Sophie's Choice, and will end with Heartburn. Oh god, it must end because I don't even like Meryl Streep much. If you're curious about what's on my to-read list you can find out HERE on Goodreads.
  • This weekend I will be headed to DFW to see Beyonce!!!! In case you've forgotten how much I love Beyonce, I invite you to read my "5 Beyonce Facts Friday" post from February 2013. 
  • In March I read Marie Kondo's, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and my life was truly changed! Over the course of a week, or so, I tore up my house eliminating everything that didn't bring me joy. 50 gallon trash bag after trash bag was taken to Goodwill, Half Priced Books, and Letty's clothing swap. The man at Goodwill even remarked at the volume, "Oh wow, Miss!" All in all, it felt great to lighten my load, simplify my closet, and remove the tumorous stuff from our house. I highly recommend that everybody try out the process, but would suggest reading the revamped version, Spark Joy instead. Now, if I can only get BBC to allow me to go through his things. 
Every article of clothing I own, piled nearly 2ft high on my king-sized bed!
  • Last night I accidentally realized that my work laptop, which I have had since February, was a touchscreen. No additional comment.

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