Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long Time No Type

Oh my goodness, y'all!!! It's been over a month since I last blogged. Is anybody having withdrawals?! Are you concerned that perhaps I've died over these last weeks?! Well, the universe is still spinning and I'm still alive. My new job has become such a big part of my life; blogging, and internetting in general, are virtually gone from my day-to-day routine. I feel so unconnected to the virtual world. Does 'Lil Bub still love yougurt? Has Grumpy Cat learned how to smile?! What's the scoop? Well, here is some personal scoop about me and the new job:

  • I love the new job! Moving from my own office to a cubicle in a sea of other cubicles was, perhaps, the biggest change.  I researched cubicle etiquette online beforehand, as I had an irrational fear of being unliked by my "pod mates." Expectedly, not eating fish for lunch and avoiding strong perfumes topped the lists, but the most surprising thing I found was that you shouldn't walk through other cubicles as a shortcut across the office. 
  • My hours have become more regular; now nearly 50 hours a week instead of 60+. There was one night last week that I stayed until 10:00pm, so you can see why I was the last to learn that Robin Williams died. My source of entertainment news is now the liquor store cashier.
  • BBC works across the street from me, which provides a strange sense of comfort. Both of us are usually unsure of when we'll finish each day, so we meet up at the bar nearby for drinks before carpooling home. I love it, but our alcohol budget, and consumption, has nearly doubled. 
  • Last week my favorite colleague peer pressured me into smoking a cigarette. It's been years since I last smoked a real cigarette, as the electronic ones are my addiction of choice. The coworker was having an exceptionally stressful day, thought she overheard that I smoked, and asked for a cigarette. After explaining that I only vaporized my nicotine, I offered to get her a cigarette from BBC across the street. I grabbed two for her, but changed my mind at the last minute and was only going to giver her one as to not fuel her craving since she had quit many, many years ago. After I gave her the cigarette, she asked if I was going to join her and for unknown reasons, I did. It was delicious, but I felt like a teenager again trying to cover up the smell. Have no fear, I followed cubible etiquette and didn't over apply perfume.
  • The new job is pretty high stress. Basically, I'm the main administrative liaison for two colleges on campus, fielding all administrative tasks from purchasing supplies to hiring new employees.  I also frequently feel like Smokey the Bear, putting out fires and trying to prevent other disasters. Not only have I become an adrenaline junkie, assuming office work can give you jolts of adrenaline, but I've somehow overcome my lifelong aversion to chocolate.

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