Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Facts Friday

It's Friday and while I'm dreaming of a relaxing weekend, I know that from here on out, May will be nothing but runnin' and funnin'. With two weddings, a trip to the beaches of Georgia, and lots of band gigs for the hubby, I should just kick my to-do list to the curb.

  • I'm in a Skeeball league, y'all and our team is doing pretty "not bad." We lost our first match last week by 30 points, which is only 1 ball. You earn little buttons like Girl Scouts whenever you win a match, so I'm crossing my fingers that Skeeming Bitches will be decorated after this Sunday. Also, after lots of thought, I've finally come up with my "roller name", which will be BeyonskeĆ©. Bow down bitches.

  • Last weekend I bought a pretty vintage headboard for $10 at a garage sale. We don't have a headboard and I'm always scoping out Pinterest DIY headboard projects. It would be nothing less than a miracle if I actually repainted and installed it before the end of the month.
  • My soul feels dry. I know that sounds ridiculous, but life without a bathtub and the fact that I haven't gone schwimmin' yet is making this Aquarius crave water! It sounds crazy, but I feel restless and I really think it's because I need a good soaking. I'm going to come back from Georgia looking like a pruney lobster.
  • I'm toying with some ideas here, and it may be because of my previously mentioned "soul dryness," but here are some potential personal projects:
    • Volunteer to work with the Girl Scouts Troop 1500 that mentors girls with incarcerated mothers. It truly sounds like such a great and rewarding project.
    •  Go on a 120 day (completely arbitrary number) spending fast. BBC and I are fortunate to have everything we could possibly need and I'm disappointed with how often I interchange wants with needs. I also want to refocus my spending on experiences rather than things and a spending fast would make our goal of celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Costa Rica more of a possibility.
    • Go on a 100 day (less arbitrary number) fitness challenge. This is a slightly vain project to get back into shape, but I'm also looking for a goal that will get me back into my workout routine. While exercising might come easy for some, I need some motivating scheme to get my brain and my body working together.
  • My favorite pair of cutoffs have been retired. After 10 years of loving wear, worn out holes have emerged on the butt cheeks. But since distressed jorts are all the rage with hipsters, I've listed them on eBay and Etsy with the hopes of making $40 to help me through the grieving process.

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