Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Madness

My most viewed blog posting of all time was my Oscar-related Oscar Schmoscar post in February last year. Honestly, I think some of my photos just show up in Google searches when people look for Rick Rubin because the post gets daily hits. Either way, I'll take those blog hits as affirmation that I'm doing something great.

Once again, this morning I did my annual Oscar tradition of trolling the internet for Rick Rubin's photo in the slew of Vanity Fair Oscar party press images. Here you go, friends:

Things got a little more stalkery than usual, because this year his beautiful lady's name was published instead of just being listed as "guest." First off, way to go, girl! Finally getting your name credited in a photo is, like, 100 times bigger than changing your Facebook status to, "in a relationship with."

Her name is Mourielle Herrera and she's an actress, not a Brazilian model as I had assumed. Naturally, I found this out through a Google search, which also led me to her IMDb, Twitter, and Instagram. And through mild prying, I found these little gems:

Ricky paddle boarding


And in closing, as a disclaimer of sorts, I'm overwhelmingly in love with my wonderful husband! Furthermore, BBC has nothing to worry about with my celebrity crush simply because no length of juice cleanse will ever give me Mourielle Herrera's bangin' bod!

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