Friday, March 7, 2014

5 Facts Friday

Here are 5 random facts/stories about yours truly.

  • My Sophomore year in high school I wore gold eyeshadow as blush. My BFF, Karen, told me that you were supposed to wear blush in a tone similar to your natural blushing color. I agreed with her stating that that was what I did. She quickly shot me down telling me that nobody blushed gold. I'd still like to think that I could blush in golden hues if I was charmed enough.
  • Jay-Z is fixing my sweetie's grill. Well, not really, but kind of? The Grammy Organization, MusicCares, offers grants to musicians and we got one for BBC's dental overhaul. Woo Hoo
  • I like to use things until they run out. Like pens/markers/highlighters for example. I use the same pen at work until it's empty. Also, there are four rolls of toilet paper in every stall in the bathroom on my floor. Each day I only use the smallest roll in hopes of using it all.
  • I'm absolutely in love with this song right now.
  • I found a crumbly, dirty ten dollar bill on my way to the bus stop this morning!   

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