Monday, February 24, 2014

Man-dresses Monday

Happy Monday! I'm never very enthusiastic about a Monday, but my eBay compulsion made my Monday morning pleasant. Here's what I stumbled upon while sorting through my saved searches for lady dresses.

Crossdressers Boutique

The Crossdresser Boutique is a one-stop, trailer park, man-dress shop that makes me very happy. I love that the proprietor models all of her listings and accessorizes with the versatility and flair of a true eBay fashionista.

My favorite listing is this sophisticated purple number, which looks great with red stilettos and red, high-gloss, Lee press-on nails. You can't buy confidence, but you could get this gown for the steep price of $25. (Shipping is also pretty unreasonable at $11.75). 

Are you looking for something more glamorous? How about this metallic blue cocktail dress ($25).

For a truly sexy look, pick up this black, crushed velvet minidress, again for $25.00.

Kudos to you, Crossdressers Boutique! Your item photos are sure to bring all the boys to your trailer park yard.

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