Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts and Farts

I don't know what happened to me, but I've thrown all my traditions out the window this year!

After 5 years of pickling green beans as Christmas presents, I couldn't get even the slightest motivation to trim, brine, and jar my delicious bean treats this year. Last year set a personal record of 30+ jars with shipments to 3 different cities. It was a little sad when I realized that I was no longer procrastinating and admitted defeat that pickles weren't gonna happen.

If I'm maintaining any traditions this year, it's ending all my traditions! I normally send valentines to my wonderful girlfriends, but once again I couldn't muster up any motivation. Tuesday night, after writing a rain check on my plans, it crossed my mind that I still had time to make and mail hearts and love to my lovely ladies, but instead, I cried while watching a movie about Suffragettes. 

Crafting valentines, expressing how dear my gals are to me, and getting sweet little thank you texts and photos whenever they receive them fills me with love and joy. Here are some images of last year's love bombs!

So, dear girlfriends, please accept this pathetic blog as my valentine to you. What you would have found in your mailbox was a shiny red envelope with a brown craft paper card inside. On the front, there would have been a big heart, made from type-written Xs and Os that should have been produced on my lovely blue Smith Carona machine that looks like this.

Imagine, if you will, an image similar to this heart.

Mine would have been much bigger though, because I have more love for you than that dinky little heart could hold.

On the inside of the card you would find a message detailing the extent of my appreciation and affection and a big THANK YOU for being such a great friend and wonderful person. Here's a brief and generic example, because each one of you possess singularly wonderful qualities that requires personalization.

I'm sure this virtual valentine isn't eliciting the feelings of joy and happiness that you might have felt had you received an actual valentine, but I'm certain the love and cheer would have been so overwhelming that your reaction would be similar to this T-Rex's.

So with that, I send immeasurable amounts of gratitude to my outstanding females. I honestly can't imagine that there is a better group of women anywhere else in this world. I don't think I'll ever be able to properly express how fortunate I feel to have such beautiful, talented, and brilliant girlfriends.

Friendship between women can take different forms. It can run like a river, quietly and sustainingly through life; it can be an intermittent, sometime thing; or it can explode like a meteor, altering the atmosphere so that nothing ever feels or looks the same again. –Mary Haskell


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Leticia said...

I love you gal pal! Your friendship means a lot to me, you don't need to send me anything because I already know you care <3