Wednesday, February 12, 2014

32, Whoop-De-Doop

My 32nd birthday is Saturday and I'm completely nonplussed about it. Since turning 30, every year has been better than the last, so you would think that I'd be excited about 32. I guess I just don't feel a day younger than 33.5. 

This is the first year that BBC is working full time at the flower shop and since he will be overworked due to Valentine's Day (They start delivering on the 13th and don't stop until end of day the 15th.) we're not planning any birthday celebration this year. There is a Spray Paint and Oblivians show Saturday night that I'm very excited about and we'll probably eat chicken and waffles to celebrate another friend's birthday beforehand, but I still sort of feel like my  birthday is bleh this year.  Boo Hoo, mopey 32. I did have a birthday-themed ladies movie night this month, tonight I'll have a mini birthday date with Pam and her new baby boy, Charlie, and tomorrow I'll be doing happy hour with Beth and Gina, so I've got that.

So, for my birthday post this year, I look back and reflect on birthdays past for some excitement inspiration. I also present this video of my favorite Oblivians song as an offering to the gods in hopes that it will be played Saturday night.

Last year's 31st birthday blog post:
And One to Grow On  Surprisingly, I now have everything on my birthday wishlist except that bunny butt cotton ball holder!
How cute is this!

The year that started my best decade:
Droppin' it like it's lukewarm

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