Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday To Do List

You guys, I've been at a loss lately for interesting blog postings. Everything seems so hectic, but it's mostly just a lack of organization and having too many "hanging chads" in my life. I'm anxiously waiting to find out if I will be a student come fall, which should fuel my energy to complete the tasks that aren't uncertain, but the exact opposite has happened. So, as inspiration, I present you with my ever-growing to do list:

  • Send out Christmas gifts and photos to family. (Do you see how far behind I am on my personal tasks?!?!)
  • Write and send out thank you letters for wedding and Christmas presents.
  • Gold leaf a sand dollar, which was supposed to be a Christmas ornament for Brandon's parents. We spent Christmas 2012 on the beach in Georgia with BBC's parents and I found sand dollars in tact, which was so special to me.
  • Post the nearly 50 items I want to sell on eBay.
  • Replace the battery in my scale. Can't keep those New Years resolutions if I don't know where I'm starting from!
  • Pick up my pills from the pharmacy. That is, if they haven't put them back already. In more pharmaceutical tasks, I need to replace my office and purse stash for those days when I forget to take them in the morning.
  • Check on my Valentine's Day card making supplies.
  • Kiss my wonderful husband!
  • Clean, clean, clean the disaster that is my house!
  • Plan some sort of birthday celebration. Wooo Hooo 32!
  • Order an extra key for our new car.
  • Car stereos!! Our new car doesn't have an input to play our iPod, which has been "first world" frustrating. 
  • Return the coolers to our friend who lent them to us for our wedding. I currently look like a cooler hoarder!
Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend, but thank goodness for Monday off. I have, however, already done our taxes and they're waiting to go out as soon as I get a few more pieces of paperwork. I love doing taxes!!!

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