Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

It's Thursday and
  • The temperature is dropping by the minute and there's a chance of snow this evening. As usual, the rumor mill is buzzing at work with hopes that the University will close for snow safety. I will, however, continue with the work day knowing that the weather wouldn't be so kind to me.
  • I'm craving a juice cleanse after having the most delicious juice of my life at Juice Land the other day. Naturally, the thought of easy weight loss is appealing, but I'm most interested in rebooting my system. It's pretty shocking how eating only raw fruits and veggies kill all my cravings for cheese, pasta, and pie. The price of fresh, prepared juice cleanses are outrageous (about $50 a day) and I just can't see myself juicing on my own. Should I move forward with my fast, you can rest assured that you'll hear all about it.
  • I just started watching Twin Peaks. My parents watched it when I was a kid and I thought it was terrifying. I'm on the 6th episode of the first season and, as an adult, it seems neither terrifying or particularly strange. Actually, I'm kind of bored with it, but I'll still likely finish the series. Lara Flynn Boyle is gorgeous. That's all for now.
  • We're still shopping around for a new sofa, but in the process, I've found my dream couch. Of course it's too large for our living room and about $7,000 too expensive!
  • I like to eat the candy coating off Advil.

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