Friday, January 31, 2014

Photos For Friday

Scenes from my week:

  • We finally settled on a sofa. BBC and I are both very happy with our forest green velveteen couch. The kitties seem to like it, too.
Sleepy Cecilia
  • Yesterday was Phil Collins's birthday! Phil Collins has long been one of my top celebrity crushes, so I present you with this great photo.
Kitties SueSue and Sudia
  • Yesterday was also the birthday of my dear, departed friend, Karen. This is my favorite photo of us, probably from 1999. I love and miss you, lady! I truly wish we could have been friends as adults, as I've learned and grown so much over the years. When you're young, it's hard to understand platonic love and I didn't treat her half as good as I do my current ladies. I absolutely cherish my lady friends and wish I could have been a better friend for Karen when I had the chance. She is in my heart daily.
LD and Karen and Challenger Park in Houston, TX
  • I experienced my first "Pinterest Fail" this week trying to copy this lovely manicure. I thought it'd be pretty easy, but alas it t'wasn't. I ended up with a plain red nail, so it could have been much worse, I suppose.
  • I still haven't heard back regarding my grad school application. I've been full of anxiety while playing this waiting game, but was told that I wouldn't hear back until February, so....... Since tomorrow marks the start of February, I will probably double my anxiety until I hear something. So, in the meantime, I present you with the following images.
This is how I hope I will feel if I become a student again,

but I'm pretty sure I will feel more like this!

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