Friday, January 10, 2014

5 FactsFriday

  • I recently learned what "lucky Pierre" means! BBC kept giggling every time we walked past a gay bar called Lucky Pierre in New Orleans, but I assumed he just thought the name was cute. A couple of nights ago we had an amazing "family" snuggle in which I was the meat in a BBC and kitty cat sandwich. I let the spooning train gang know that it was the best snuggle I'd ever had and BBC called me the lucky Pierre. Now I can't stop saying that I'm the luckiest Pierre every time we curl up in bed.
  • Last night I cried while thinking about dancing with my dad at my wedding. BBC was crying while watching Derek, so it was a total sob fest.

    • We're buying a new couch!!!! I'm not enjoying the search, as we want something pretty cheap, but hopefully we can pick up something off Craigslist this weekend. If not.... Ikea, here we come!
    • My husband just called me to tell me that he likes George Strait. He grew up disliking him, most likely because all the old ladies in his life were fans, but has been listening to a radio station at work that is playing non-stop George Strait during the lunch hour. This makes me very happy, so here is my favorite George Strait song

    • I don't have a 5th thing!!!! Well, here's the best I've got.... I'm craving either a burger or a burrito, but I'm not going to eat either.

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