Friday, January 31, 2014

Photos For Friday

Scenes from my week:

  • We finally settled on a sofa. BBC and I are both very happy with our forest green velveteen couch. The kitties seem to like it, too.
Sleepy Cecilia
  • Yesterday was Phil Collins's birthday! Phil Collins has long been one of my top celebrity crushes, so I present you with this great photo.
Kitties SueSue and Sudia
  • Yesterday was also the birthday of my dear, departed friend, Karen. This is my favorite photo of us, probably from 1999. I love and miss you, lady! I truly wish we could have been friends as adults, as I've learned and grown so much over the years. When you're young, it's hard to understand platonic love and I didn't treat her half as good as I do my current ladies. I absolutely cherish my lady friends and wish I could have been a better friend for Karen when I had the chance. She is in my heart daily.
LD and Karen and Challenger Park in Houston, TX
  • I experienced my first "Pinterest Fail" this week trying to copy this lovely manicure. I thought it'd be pretty easy, but alas it t'wasn't. I ended up with a plain red nail, so it could have been much worse, I suppose.
  • I still haven't heard back regarding my grad school application. I've been full of anxiety while playing this waiting game, but was told that I wouldn't hear back until February, so....... Since tomorrow marks the start of February, I will probably double my anxiety until I hear something. So, in the meantime, I present you with the following images.
This is how I hope I will feel if I become a student again,

but I'm pretty sure I will feel more like this!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

It's Thursday and
  • The temperature is dropping by the minute and there's a chance of snow this evening. As usual, the rumor mill is buzzing at work with hopes that the University will close for snow safety. I will, however, continue with the work day knowing that the weather wouldn't be so kind to me.
  • I'm craving a juice cleanse after having the most delicious juice of my life at Juice Land the other day. Naturally, the thought of easy weight loss is appealing, but I'm most interested in rebooting my system. It's pretty shocking how eating only raw fruits and veggies kill all my cravings for cheese, pasta, and pie. The price of fresh, prepared juice cleanses are outrageous (about $50 a day) and I just can't see myself juicing on my own. Should I move forward with my fast, you can rest assured that you'll hear all about it.
  • I just started watching Twin Peaks. My parents watched it when I was a kid and I thought it was terrifying. I'm on the 6th episode of the first season and, as an adult, it seems neither terrifying or particularly strange. Actually, I'm kind of bored with it, but I'll still likely finish the series. Lara Flynn Boyle is gorgeous. That's all for now.
  • We're still shopping around for a new sofa, but in the process, I've found my dream couch. Of course it's too large for our living room and about $7,000 too expensive!
  • I like to eat the candy coating off Advil.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday To Do List

You guys, I've been at a loss lately for interesting blog postings. Everything seems so hectic, but it's mostly just a lack of organization and having too many "hanging chads" in my life. I'm anxiously waiting to find out if I will be a student come fall, which should fuel my energy to complete the tasks that aren't uncertain, but the exact opposite has happened. So, as inspiration, I present you with my ever-growing to do list:

  • Send out Christmas gifts and photos to family. (Do you see how far behind I am on my personal tasks?!?!)
  • Write and send out thank you letters for wedding and Christmas presents.
  • Gold leaf a sand dollar, which was supposed to be a Christmas ornament for Brandon's parents. We spent Christmas 2012 on the beach in Georgia with BBC's parents and I found sand dollars in tact, which was so special to me.
  • Post the nearly 50 items I want to sell on eBay.
  • Replace the battery in my scale. Can't keep those New Years resolutions if I don't know where I'm starting from!
  • Pick up my pills from the pharmacy. That is, if they haven't put them back already. In more pharmaceutical tasks, I need to replace my office and purse stash for those days when I forget to take them in the morning.
  • Check on my Valentine's Day card making supplies.
  • Kiss my wonderful husband!
  • Clean, clean, clean the disaster that is my house!
  • Plan some sort of birthday celebration. Wooo Hooo 32!
  • Order an extra key for our new car.
  • Car stereos!! Our new car doesn't have an input to play our iPod, which has been "first world" frustrating. 
  • Return the coolers to our friend who lent them to us for our wedding. I currently look like a cooler hoarder!
Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend, but thank goodness for Monday off. I have, however, already done our taxes and they're waiting to go out as soon as I get a few more pieces of paperwork. I love doing taxes!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

5 FactsFriday

  • I recently learned what "lucky Pierre" means! BBC kept giggling every time we walked past a gay bar called Lucky Pierre in New Orleans, but I assumed he just thought the name was cute. A couple of nights ago we had an amazing "family" snuggle in which I was the meat in a BBC and kitty cat sandwich. I let the spooning train gang know that it was the best snuggle I'd ever had and BBC called me the lucky Pierre. Now I can't stop saying that I'm the luckiest Pierre every time we curl up in bed.
  • Last night I cried while thinking about dancing with my dad at my wedding. BBC was crying while watching Derek, so it was a total sob fest.

    • We're buying a new couch!!!! I'm not enjoying the search, as we want something pretty cheap, but hopefully we can pick up something off Craigslist this weekend. If not.... Ikea, here we come!
    • My husband just called me to tell me that he likes George Strait. He grew up disliking him, most likely because all the old ladies in his life were fans, but has been listening to a radio station at work that is playing non-stop George Strait during the lunch hour. This makes me very happy, so here is my favorite George Strait song

    • I don't have a 5th thing!!!! Well, here's the best I've got.... I'm craving either a burger or a burrito, but I'm not going to eat either.

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    Bubble Bath Day

    Today is "Bubble Bath Day," but instead of luxuriating and relaxing in a bubble bath, I will be getting a facial from the wonderful, Ella. I know, I know... it isn't much of a consolation, but it's about as good as it gets. (It's actually, pretty damned wonderful!) So, to celebrate one of my favorite things in the world, I present you with my bubble bath fantasy wish list:

    How great would a bath-side fireplace be?!?!

    My dream bathroom would have a big, fancy rug instead of a dinky bathmat.

    This green clawfoot and tile floor is my ultimate bathtub fantasy.

    Heavenly bath products:
    • Lush bath bombs ($7) are my favorite bath product ever. While they don't technically create a bubble bath, they certainly make your normal soak fragrant, relaxing, and posh. The Fizzbanger and Uluru are my favorites.
    Uluru Lush bath bomb
    • L'Occitane lavender harvest foaming bath ($34) may be a bit pricey for bath bubbles, but the bubbles are rich in both price and texture. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I started to like the scent of lavender and the calming aromatherapy qualities are unbeatable.   
    • Bath & Body Works aromatherapy luxury bath ($16.50) are my go-to bubbles, but they recently discontinued my favorite scent, black currant vanilla. I'm sure all the other scents are just as lovely, but I wouldn't know since I don't have a bathtub.
    Do me a favor friends, and enjoy a bubble bath in my honor today. I've been considering booking a hydrotherapy appointment (AKA spa bath time) at a potentially seedy joint in Austin, but haven't yet. $30 for 20 minutes is a bargain when you love baths as much as I do. Or alternatively, the hubby and I could get a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub. Last time, we added too many bubbles...
    The a-bubble-minal BBC

    It's also "English Toffee Day" and "Pizza Week" according to the interwebs.