Monday, December 23, 2013

2013- My 13 Favorite Things

2013 seems to have flown right by, but the year was full of wonderful things. Here are my 13 favorite moments of 2013:

1. Getting married! I, honestly, never planned on getting married, but everything changed when BBC and I started dating. We had been friends for years and I had always been very attracted to him, but life just surprises you some times. He's truly my best friend and better half. Here are two of my favorite wedding pictures and my first blog post after we were engaged. BBC + LD = LUV

2. Buying a new car. I had been without a car for over three years and BBC's was putting on some years. We still wanted to be a one car family, but just wanted a nicer car. I'm so happy with our Honda Element!

3. Oakland trip. In May BBC and I joined Beth, Matt, and Lacey for a wonderful Bay Area vacation. We stayed with Greg and Yea-Ming and had the cheapest and most fun vacation ever. You can see more photos and read about our trip here: Bay Area Vacation Photos

The gang at Alcatraz

4. Honeymooning. Since we financed most of our wedding ourselves, our honeymoon was a budgeted one, but since many of our friends donated to our honeymoon registry, we were still able to live it up big in a small-time fashion. You can read more about it here: Honeymoon'

Beers and steers in Luckenbach, Texas

5. Football season with the ladies. Every fall I work part-time at the UT football games. I've been fortunate to work with several of my girlfriends in the past, but this season was exceptional with Karen, Margaret, and Letty by my side.

Letty, Karen, LD, Margaret

Letty, LD, Karen, Margaret

6. Grandy's. Brandon and I love Grandy's. I don't think much explanation is needed beyond that, but we were fortunate enough to have two seperate trips to the DFW area where we got to put Grandy's deep into our faces.

BBC makes his Grandy's into a sammy

7. My bachelorette party! I can't remember ever having a ladies trip even though my girlfriends are some of the most important people in my life. My bachelorette party couldn't have been more perfect: my gals, 24 hours of spa time, and pina coladas. You can read about it here: The Last Days of Spinsterhood

8. The few, sweet bubble baths I've taken. I love the quaint little cottage we live in, but I have always been a bubble bath gal and not having a tub has been surprisingly hard on me. Every bath I've had this year has been heavenly. Bathing while cat sitting for Beth, sleepovers at my parents' house, visiting the Baishes in Denton, the night before our wedding..... every tubby has been so perfect!

9. This year marks my first facial and eyebrow waxing. I've always hated my eyebrows because frankly, I wish I had more eyebrow hair. I thought getting them waxed would just be a mute point, but Ella at Esty did an amazing job making my sparse brows look fuller by waxing and shaping them. She's a wizard and you should visit her. Here's the important LINK to book an appointment with Ella.

10. My mum's 1st entire year of sobriety! I am constantly amazed by my mother's endurance and tenacity dealing with her addiction. I never knew my mother sober until last year when she went through treatment. She's an exceptional and strong woman and I'm so proud of her journey.

Wedding day with my mum

11. Beyonce! It may seem strange to put Beyonce on my list of favorite things from 2013, but I think it's pretty understandable. Beyonce is definitely my spirit animal and since her new albumn dropped, 2013 is ending on a high note. I unsuccessfully tried to make Halo  our first dance wedding song and Drunk in Love  is the newest single to get my booty bouncing.

It's truly been an amazing year for me, but I've been racking my brain and can't find two more things to round off my list. So, I present to you, two of my favorite blog posts from 2013 to complete the wonderful 13:

12. Yoplait Moments

 13. Oscar Schmoscar

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