Tuesday, December 31, 2013

14 Goals for 2014 (Part II: 7-14)

Here is part two of my 2014 goals:

8. Monthly pampering. It's incredible how wonderful a massage can make you feel and I've recently fallen in love with facials. I'd really like to make it a regular, monthly indulgence to get a massage and/or a facial.
9. I used to love working out and doing Pilates either on my lunch break or as soon as I got home in the evening. It's been over a year since I last worked out! It's so easy to make excuses to avoid it, but whenever I start up again I 'm always happy and immediately feel the results. I tell myself that I should exercise every day, but maybe making it a resolution will help. So, here it is: I'd like to start doing Pilates again in 2014.
10. I will be recommitting to my job! I've lost that spark that makes me get into the office early and for the last month or two my 15 minutes late has turned into an hour. One thing that would certainly help me to move faster in the morning is to pre-plan my outfit. It's time to be a grown-up again and set my clothes out the night before like an elementary school child.
11. Keep tidy. Strangely, I used to enjoy regularly keeping the house tidy, but I've let things slide since I've been a housewife. I'd like to get back onto my regular Sunday afternoon cleaning schedule. After all, a tidy home is a happy home.
12. Better food choices at work. Several weeks ago, I rationed a 3 pound bag of candy over the course of a week and justified it because it was "lunch time." Not only will eating better help me with my fitness goals, but bringing my lunch would also help to curb spending.
13. Watch less Netflix Streaming! BBC and I got a blue ray layer as a wedding present and have been overloading on Netflix. I've gone through the entire TLC database and am now working on every true crime documentary television show known to mankind. It's gotta stop.
14. And finally, I want to continue doing the best I possibly can. I won't change the world and I won't cure cancer, but I can make the 6 feet area around me as lovely and wonderful as possible.

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