Friday, November 15, 2013

5 Facts Friday

  • Last night I hosted our monthly ladies movie night after having taken a break for October. We decided to have a Hanksgiving to celebrate Tom Hanks, Thanksgiving, and turkey, of course, but things didn't quite go as smoothly as usual. After a formal vote, we decided to watch The Burbs, but I forgot to rent it and it was damned near impossible to find online (AKA not on Netflix streaming!). We ended up watching Joe vs. the Volcano instead, which I really love. Also, half of our crew was sick, had lady cramps, or just couldn't make it.  Worst of all, Margaret spilled hot coco on herself!
  • Here's a picture of two feral co-eds I saw on campus today.
Bathing kitties
  • This Christmas the husband and I have decided to skip visiting the families. We got to see everybody at the wedding and since we had such a lovely time staying close to town and cozy-ing up on our honeymoon we're going to do it again. Naturally, the most important thing in searching for vacation rentals has been a jacuzzi! 
  • In more Christmas news, the annual departmental holiday party at work will have a karaoke contest. Jessica and I will perform a duet, but we haven't decided what song yet. Islands in the Stream  isn't on the list of available songs, but for unknown reasons there are tons of Cher songs. Here's my favorite, but I don't think it's really duet material:

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