Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

  • Are scabs compostable?
  • One of my best friends, and hairdresser, is about to go on maternity leave to have her first baby. While I'm super excited to meet 'lil Charlie, I'm terrified about my hair looking less than fabulous. Today I get coiffed and on Christmas Pam will get the best present ever.
  • My personality animal is a dolphin, y'all. What's yours?

  • I've joined an online dieting competition. You pay your entrance bet and if you meet the goals (often to lose 4% of your body weight in 2 weeks), then you share the pot of money with everybody else who met the goal. Letty has been doing it for some time now, and I just needed the motivation to slim down. I'll let y'all know how it goes and hopefully I'm the only one who loses the weight and can win the entire $9,000 pot. Fat chance! 
  • I got my first facial this week and I absolutely loved it!!! Ella, at Esty, is an esthetician friend and I've been meaning to get a facial from her forever!  I finally did it and it was absolutely amazing! My skin started having some bumpy issues whenever I first started planning the wedding, but they still haven't gone away. Already, after just a couple of days, my skin is looking better. I also learned some valuable things. For example, I exfoliate way too much (twice a day usually) and dairy can cause all sorts of skin issues, especially if you're having digestive issues. Let's just say, that since I've started eating yogurt daily (as a part of my pre-wedding calorie crunch), my GI tract has been a little tumultuous.   

Friday, November 15, 2013

5 Facts Friday

  • Last night I hosted our monthly ladies movie night after having taken a break for October. We decided to have a Hanksgiving to celebrate Tom Hanks, Thanksgiving, and turkey, of course, but things didn't quite go as smoothly as usual. After a formal vote, we decided to watch The Burbs, but I forgot to rent it and it was damned near impossible to find online (AKA not on Netflix streaming!). We ended up watching Joe vs. the Volcano instead, which I really love. Also, half of our crew was sick, had lady cramps, or just couldn't make it.  Worst of all, Margaret spilled hot coco on herself!
  • Here's a picture of two feral co-eds I saw on campus today.
Bathing kitties
  • This Christmas the husband and I have decided to skip visiting the families. We got to see everybody at the wedding and since we had such a lovely time staying close to town and cozy-ing up on our honeymoon we're going to do it again. Naturally, the most important thing in searching for vacation rentals has been a jacuzzi! 
  • In more Christmas news, the annual departmental holiday party at work will have a karaoke contest. Jessica and I will perform a duet, but we haven't decided what song yet. Islands in the Stream  isn't on the list of available songs, but for unknown reasons there are tons of Cher songs. Here's my favorite, but I don't think it's really duet material:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Tidbits

Happy, happy Wednesday, y'all!!! Feast on these tidbits:
  • I'm applying for grad school! It was my original plan many, many years ago to get a Master's degree, but after my Bachelor's in Fine Arts, I wasn't completely sure of what direction to go. I've been in love with administrative work after years of doing it, so when I found out that UT had an Higher Education Administration master's program, I figured it was a perfect fit. I take the GRE on Friday, apply for admission in December, and in February I will find out if my social life is put on hold for two years. Fingers crossed!
  • Once again, BBC and I will be working on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday before I started working at the UT football games, but since I've gone so many years without celebrating, it just feels like any other day. This year, however, we will be celebrating with friends on Black Friday, so we'll still get our turkey, gravy, and stuffing on.
  • Well, it's official: I have legally changed my name! My Darcy days are over.
  • I've been very slow in getting our house back in order since the wedding. For weeks leading up to the wedding, we had a living room full of boxes (wedding stuff, unopened presents, etc.) and while I've eliminated those, I haven't had a chance to TCB and get our house cleaned and organized. Between honeymooning and football games, all of my weekends have been full. This weekend, while BBC is working at Fun Fun Fun Fest, I will be sailing through a multipage to-do list. I can't wait!!!
  • I'm anxious to get another tattoo! While I do want to get some sort of crow tattoo to symbolize my new married life, I still have two more pigeon tattoos on the wait list. I'd like a two-headed pigeon in black and grey with the 'Lil Wayne lyric, "far from the usual," but I'd also like an anatomical diagram of the internal organs of a pigeon. Why do I want so many pigeon tattoos? Anyhow, that brings me to the following: How To Love, by 'Lil Wayne and the insides of a pigeon.