Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wedding Bells

I think that most of my readers attended our wedding, but nevertheless, here is my recap blog about one of the happiest days of my life.

When BBC and I started planning our wedding, we were absolutely certain about some things and completely neutral about others. We knew we wanted a small, informal ceremony followed by a blow-out party. I think in the end, we executed our wishes pretty well and we simplified our plans by ignoring anything that wasn't important to us.

The night before the wedding, Brandon's parents hosted a lovely rehearsal dinner at Asti, even though we didn't have a single thing to rehearse. It was, however, the perfect setting for our parents to meet. Our families got along wonderfully! There was a moment, during the toasting phase of dinner, that I had an out-of-body experience and realized, for the first time, that we were having a rehearsal dinner!!!! I've been to my fair share of rehearsal dinners and I knew what to expect, but it wasn't until that very moment that the wedding seemed real. Fortunately, I didn't have a freak out and I just turned to my best friend and smiled.

With my sweetie


The in-laws

For some prudish reason, I didn't want to spend the night before our wedding together, so instead of sleeping at home, Beth wrangled some of my best ladies for a sleep over. My girlfriends might be the most important people in my life and I felt a little gypped about not having bridesmaids. Granted, I also knew that picking bridesmaids would be impossible for me, but I still wanted to have that girly time while I got dressed and ready to get hitched. A pre-wedding sleepover was the next best thing!!! Champies with the girls, some beauty time, a much needed bubble bath, and some terrible bridal television was still not enough to put me to sleep as I was too wound up with excitement for the next day. Nevertheless, we woke up before 8am to grab some grub and head out to our venue for the wedding prep work.

The gals and I, along with my mum and Aunt Cici, made our way to the Zilker Clubhouse as best we could since it was the first day of Austin City Limits. Our caravan was stopped at all the police checkpoints (and there were at least 5) and not a single one was aware of our resevation for the clubhouse. Thank goodness I didn't have a single Bridezilla bone in my body, or I would have absolutely lost it. Simple fix: I called the city and they took care of the rest.

Our ceremony was for immediate family only, was attended by less than 20 people, and was performed by a friend who easily has the biggest heart ever, Mitch.

I do's in front of the Austin skyline

Rev. Mitch

We had some time to kill between the ceremony and our big 'ole party, so my husband and I grabbed a bottle of Dom Perignon and a blanket to sneak off for some quality time before our quests started arriving. While we couldn't hear ACL at our venue, we were able to hear some Queens of the Stone Age from the little wooded nook BBC and I found out back. When the mosquitoes and gnats overpowered us, we went back to the clubhouse to see that many of our friends had already arrived. It was perfect timing, since waiting for your guests to come to your party is kind of the worst!

Everything turned out better than planned: Frito pie buffet, two beautiful cakes made by friends, mooning in the photobooth (you can see the pictures HERE), a shot-gun beer toast from Beth, and the best DJ that money can't buy. BBC and I had planned our wedding playlist for months beforehand and still stand pretty firmly behind it, but nobody was dancing. At least not until our friend Andrew started playing his own records.

Frito Pie, y'all!

Cakes by Amy and Julia

Trailer Space group shot

Photobooth with my hubby

While there are certainly some things I would do differently (like have to-go boxes for people to take home cake), I wouldn't change much about our special day. I didn't practice dancing with either of my fathers, which might have seemed poorly planned, but I love how natural and lighthearted our dances turned out. And the same goes with the first dance with my husband. If we had taken dance lessons or rehearsed some cute routine, I wouldn't have the vivid memory of him trying to manhandle me in front of our families and friends.

It was a great day and I'm still running high from the fumes of bliss! And now, I give you our formal wedding portrait:

Tintype by Lumiere Tintypes in Austin, TX


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