Friday, October 11, 2013

The Last Days of Spinsterhood

I've been absent from my blogging due to wedding planning and now that I'm married, it's time to catch up, starting with my bachelorette party!

Ladies in the Hinoki Bath

Darling Gina was in charge of planning my final single lady shindig, and she did a helluva job! The gals and I carpooled to DFW to spend a night at the 24 hour spa wonder that is Spa Castle. 24 hours of jacuzzi tubs, saunas, massages, and facials, oh my!!

Spa Castle

My first Spa Castle experience started with a nude body scrub. I was a little overwhelmed with the public nudity, until I saw the lovely elderly Korean lady who was going to administer my hour-long scrub. She was dressed in the sexiest granny panties I've ever seen; black lace up to her belly button. Naturally, she had on a matching bra. The happy ending you get at Spa Castle, however, was an intricate scalp massage and hair treatment. I left my naked cubicle with skin softer than a baby's in just enough time to meet Kenna for our twin Sweedish massage.

Massage pool!!

After months of wedding planning, I had built up a tension so intense that the masseuse seemed terrified of the popping and cracking my neck, back, and joints were making. At one point, while she was doing some Spiderman move on my back, my neck popped 10+ times and I felt an instant release. No drug I've ever tried has made me feel as high. Thankfully, our gaggle of ladies were waiting just outside the massage room on the heated floor (arguably the best thing man has ever made) with saki and I didn't have to stumble too far to meet up with the crew.

Saki on the hot floor

Bridget and Kenna

After a full dose of naked jacuzzis, massage pools, pina coladas, and treatments, we went back to our fancy loft room for Bridget's budget brilliance: grocery store face masks instead of the expensive spa variety. Sadly, none of the girls would volunteer to apply mine like the adorable Korean spa staff, but my skin still ended up feeling firm and refreshed.

After snacking up a storm, we piled into the bed to watch the girliest movie on TV, The Incredible Shrinking Woman,  before ending our sleepover. I honestly had such an amazing time, but my favorite part was waking up and spending a good 20 minutes in the Himalayan Salt sauna. I've always avoided saunas out of a fear of fainting, but I could feel my skin seeping out toxins and nothing has ever worked better at clearing out chest congestion than that damned Himalayan Salt sauna.

Don't wait for a pre-wedding celebration, y'all. Get your butts down to Spa Castle!

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