Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This past weekend BBC and I took a mini honeymoon and headed out to Fredricksburg. We had originally wanted to honeymoon in Costa Rica, but he didn't want to take time off from his new job and our money rapidly disappeared while planning our wedding, so we've put that off until next October. We easily made our first executive decision as a married couple to honeymoon annually on our anniversary.

We booked our Fredricksburg weekend after a very strong recommendation of Two Wee Cottages, from Pam. This place was great, y'all! The prices are extremely reasonable, the owners are strict about giving you lots of privacy (we didn't see them one time), and you get your own private, secluded hot tub just outside the cottage door in a screened in patio.

Our little cottage, "My Little House"

What more do I have to say?! Private Hot TUB!

Staying at Two Wee Cottages felt like staying at your Grandmother's house, but without the mothball smell and if Grandma tried her damnedest to make your stay pampered and romantic as if her only hope of great grandbabies was riding on your happiness there. The place was covered in doilies, delicious, fresh, homemade bread was waiting for us when we arrived, and the homemade goodies were replenished twice a day: strudels, cakes, brownies..... we seriously gained pounds of weight here with all the yummy baked goods. The kitchen was also fully stocked with our favorite soft drinks, juice, cereal, tea, and coffee. It certainly lives up to the Bed and Breakfast+ that was advertised. We brought our left over case of champagne from the wedding and drank mimosas all day while wearing the super cozy bathrobes provided.

Cake and Cake and Cake and Cake and Cake!

Hubby in a robe

After lounging in bed all morning and afternoon, we started our adventure by hiking up Enchanted Rock. I had never been before and was starting to get skeptical as we drove towards it. It looked more like a dirt covered hill than a rock, but once we started walking up the skepticism quickly went away. Damn, that thing truly is one huge, enchanting rock. The hike was pretty steep and several times I thought I was too lazy and out of shape to make it, but I did and the view was worth all the leg cramps. After all, I knew there was a hot tub waiting for me when I was done.

A big rock on an even bigger rock!

Sweetie was bitten by some cacti

Thumbs up, I did it!

We had a fancy dinner at Navajo Grill and took in what counts as the nightlife in downtown Fredricksburg. Small town people-watching is usually pretty exciting, but we couldn't really take more than an hour of drinks here and there. Brandon saw a couple of familiar folks who said hi, which once again proves that he knows damned near everybody! Our final day in "the F-burg" ended with a much needed couples massage.

We stopped in Luckenbach on our way home and it was the last day of a biker rally, so the town was hopping pretty hard. After some beers, cheeseburgers, and a photo on a longhorn, we had conquered the town and headed back for Austin.

All in all, it was a great little honeymoon and we will definitely visit again and stay at Two Wee Cottages. I just love going on adventures with my best friend and want to see all of the world with him!!


If you book a stay at Two Wee Cottages, let them know I referred you and I'll get a bottle of wine the next time we stay. Trust me, you will be very happy there!

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