Friday, September 6, 2013

My Ears Are Ringing With Wedding Bells

Holy moley, y'all! I'm going to be a married woman in less than a month. I think it's 28 days to be exact. I've actually turned into one of those women who are counting down the days to their wedding!

Wedding planning is starting to get more intense. Up until this point, I've felt like there wasn't much I could do beforehand, but now we're in crunch time and I'm starting to look at the craft list (tissue paper pom poms, paper flower garlands, etc.) and am quickly crossing off items on the to-do list that haven't been done. Nobody is going to care if I don't hang 40 hastily made tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling of an already beautiful cabin. BBC and I just wanted a party to celebrate getting married and once things start turning more into a wedding we just kind of shut down. Everything is, however, turning out lovely and basically stress free.

So, what can you expect from our wedding? Tons of dancing, a photo booth, Frito pie buffet, booze, and way too much PDA from my sweetie and me. There won't be a unity candle or a garter toss, but you better believe that I've given BBC permission to smoosh wedding cake in my face.

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