Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yoplait Moments

For maximum enjoyment, you can listen to my Yoplait-list while you read! The purple wikiplayer should appear in the bottom right corner of this post. Just push play to hear the songs that will rush through your head as you eat Yoplait!

As many of you may know, I have monthly ladies movie nights were my favorite ladies cram into my living room, drink a little too much, and talk incessantly while we try to watch a questionable film. Last week we had a bridal movie night with champagne, tiny tea sandwiches, delicious crab dip, and one lone penis straw. The movie was Bridesmaids,  but I think the real winner of the night was our selection of Yoplait yogurt served on ice, just like in these amazing commercials.

Yoplait for dessert, y'all!

I haven't eaten Yoplait since I was a teenager, but after seeing their ridiculous "swapportunity" commercials, I've learned one thing: Yoplait most certainly has the "dessert yogurt" market covered! (Well, dessert yogurt and advertising to women.) So, for movie night, I decided to buy one of every desserty flavor at HEB so the girls and I could give an honest review. Our menu included Key Lime Pie, Lemon Creme Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Orange Creme, and Chocolate Whip. I have never seen chocolate yogurt in my life, but that may be because I generally avoid all things chocolate.

Last month, during our Psycho Beach Party  movie night, we took a moment and paused the film so we could all drink a pina colada from a hollowed out pineapple at the same time (8 straws). Our Yoplait yogurt moment was very similar, but this time we didn't have enough spoons.

Pina Colada friend circle, y'all!

I personally tasted most of the flavors that night, but the Chocolate Whip was, shockingly, my favorite by far! It had the consistency of a whipped mousse and the taste of a chocolate soda, which might be the only form of chocolate I actually enjoy. Letty had the delicious suggestion of adding ice, Kahlua, and Baileys for a Yoplait mudslide. And, most importantly, the ladies and I had a great time coming up with Yoplait-related hashtags for all those amazing Yoplait moments we experienced.
  • #YoplaitProblems: When you run out of normal sized spoons and your big soup spoon won't fit past the slim lip of the Yoplait cup.
  • #YoplaitBacheloretteParty: For that time when you invite your girls over to eat Yoplait the month before you're getting married.
  • #YoplaitRuinedMyFriendship: When you and your bestie are fighting over the most delicious flavors.
  • You can view Letty's live-tweets from the night HERE.

Bottom line: Yoplait yogurt is pretty delicious and, just like in their commercials, it truly is a ladies bonding opportunity.

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