Friday, September 20, 2013

Crunch Time

Holy married lady, what the what?!?! I'm getting married in 2 weeks from today.

Wedding planning up until now has been pretty simple and easy. I am, however, starting to get nervous about small things. For example, we don't have anything planned in terms of an alter, we still haven't picked our dance songs, and just last night I decided that the wedding shoes I purchased weren't going to work. Everything else is working out great with my "coast along" plan. I made a pretty and simple bird cage veil last night, which took less than 10 minutes and cost less than $15. I also met with the florist yesterday for the first time and basically left everything in her hands. She's the expert, right?!

The thing that has overwhelmed me the most has been how kind and generousness our friends are. We're getting so many amazing wedding presents in the form of actual wedding stuff: photo booth, personalized buttons as favors, Jell-O shots, DJ services, bar expertise, flower arrangements, hair and makeup, fancy cakes, photography... the list goes on and on. I think it's just a testament to how much Brandon and I are loved by the people we adore.

Next week we make things even more official with our marriage license!!! I never thought I would be getting married, but I must say, I couldn't be more excited. I truly found an amazing partner in someone who had been a friend of mine for years. Last night BBC called me before his band practice to ask me why he was asked to work our friends' Beth and Matt's wedding. That was, after all, the special moment when our romance blossomed. I told him I wasn't sure why, but I was so glad that's the way things worked out. He got weepy and we both reflected on how much we feel like this was just meant to be.

So now, my brain is officially in crunch time mode trying to finalize all the last minute things and, for sanity's sake, forgetting anything that hasn't already been started. Next weekend is my bachelorette party and my girls and I are headed for a spa getaway; saunas, jacuzzi, massages, oh my!! Oh, I can't forget the pina coladas, body scrubs, and facials!!! If you don't see or hear from me until after I'm Mrs. Crowe, just know that I'm smiling from ear to ear!

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