Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Tidbits

My days are speeding past me! Only 6 more weeks until I'm a married lady. But for now, here are some tidbits:

  • I'm becoming mildly addicted to cheating on New York Time's crossword puzzles. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles as much as the next person, but it drives me crazy to start something knowing I will never be able to complete it. Sure, I have the time to complete one, but not the brain power. I recently realized that I can just keep trying out random letters on my iPhone app until I hit the right one! So far, I've completed over 20 puzzles that were only 75% done before I enlisted cheating.
  • I don't understand. I ate an entire jar of pickled beets last week and not a single substance leaving my body was red. I would've been happy with even a tinge of pink, but nothing!
  • BBC has a new job! I think it's been nearly two weeks since he started delivering flowers for a fancy flower shop. He absolutely loves it and enjoys the 9-5 routine as well as driving all over Austin. Yesterday, he delivered flowers to a woman on her 100th birthday. She told him she had a boyfriend that was young enough to be her son. I guess it's pretty hard to date your own age when you're 100. For some reason it makes me smile knowing that some cougars never die.
  • My cucamelons have officially died. Last week I came to terms and stopped watering them. Perhaps it's the heat of a Texas summer, but more likely, it's my brown thumb. JJ provided some consoling when he told me a friend of his planted the same seeds and a single, large, non-cucamelon was grown. We're pretty sure we were ripped off and received generic Mexican melon seeds. His plants are still thriving, so my fingers are crossed that something small, melon-like, and pickle-able is grown.

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bill said...

There's a lot of survivors in Austin doing their thing. There's even cone there I'm pulling for. Cheers.