Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Facts Friday

Hello, my lovely followers. I feel like things are going so fast in my little world that I haven't been able to take a minute to scribble some dribble for y'all, but today I give you some facts!!

  • I spent $25 on lipstick! I know this may shock some of you, and I would be shocked too, but it is the best lipstick in the world! I rarely splurge on beauty products and Pam (my lovely friend and hair stylist) can vouch for me on that one. It took her several years to finally get me to switch over from the dollar store Suave shampoo to Kevin Murphy, but I'll never switch back again. A far superior product is certainly worth the price. So, what's so special about this lipstick?! Well, it's blue (yes you read that right), it is unbelievably smooth and non-greasy, it sells out all the time, and it makes the perfect berry stained color that changes with your skin tone and chemistry. I've been on a waiting list for months, so I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. Lipstick Queen's Hello Sailor is totally worth every penny and since I only go through a tube of lippy a year, I think the splurge is warranted!
  • Ladies, is there anything more annoying than having that crazy stray hair stuck in your bra that you can never seem to find, but it makes itself known all day by itching the hell out of your tatas?!?! Yesterday, I finally threw a bra away because, after repeat inspections and washings, I was never able to find the culprit.
  • I'm selling my wedding dress!! No, the wedding hasn't been called off, but yesterday I accidentally found the very dress I had been dreaming of. The only problem is that I've already bought a wedding dress and I don't have the extra money to be extravagant and make a mid-wedding dress change. So, I've posted the first dress I bought on eBay since it has been over 30 days and I can't return it. The new dress won't have pockets like the first one, but I think I'll find a way to cope.
  • I learned something very valuable about portion control and caloric intake regarding my cats. Yes, they are fat (namely Cecilia), but no matter how much I insist that I'm not overfeeding them, nobody believes me. I switched the kitties over to a new kind of food that has less calories and there is a feeding guideline on the bag. I'm not sure if there was a portion guideline on the last type of cereal I fed them, but if there was I never saw it. I was, however, only giving them 1 cup a day for the two of them to share. According to the guidelines, they are both supposed to get 2/3 - 3/4 of a cup a day. Yahoo, I'm not doing anything wrong. Cecilia is just big-boned!
My little couch potato, Cecilia
  • You guys, I've applied to be on a game show!!! I've always loved game shows and have wanted to be on one, but it just hasn't happened yet. Since Wheel of Fortune hasn't called me back and Supermarket Sweep is MIA, I've settled for NBC's upcoming Million Second Quiz. I'm not sure what the premise of the show is exactly, but it appears to be a quiz that lasts 11 days!! What the hell, I've got nothing going on in September besides a bachelorette party, wedding prep, perhaps a bridal shower, and tons of other things. Sign me up!

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