Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Facts Friday

Yay, it's Friday and here are five things:
  • My sweetie and I are going to the beach this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! I typically visit Galveston a couple times a year, but have yet to do so this year. Saturday, we will bathe in the sun, sip frozen cocktails out of plastic pouches, and hopefully keep sand out of those uncomfortable places.
  • I spend many lunch breaks with Karen, sitting on a patio near our offices, eating our home-packed lunches, chatting, and feeding scraps to the friendly campus squirrels. I frequently have little to offer them and after nibbling on a ranch-flavored rice cake, today I offered up a pickled beet to a little critter I've named Peter. It never occurred to me that the pickling might be an issue with Peter, but I did consider that he might not be a fan of beets. Not only was the poor guy afraid of the pickled beet, but apparently the smell upset his nose and he ran away to rub his face on a concrete awning. I felt pretty bad, but at the same time was crossing my fingers that I'd get to see a squirrel sneeze. (Yes, I know I have been eating a lot of pickled beets lately.)
  • I absolutely love giving gifts. Since March, I've been saving money for the wedding and have skipped any gift giving and I'm starting to have withdraws. I know nobody would complain if I made up for missed birthday presents after the wedding, right?! My Pinterest board of gift ideas is getting a little overloaded without my regular editing off of the items I've gifted.
  • Is anybody looking to rent a two bedroom house, be our neighbors, and pay a whopping, over-priced $1850 a month? If so, please let me know!
  • Finally, to wish a fond farewell while you start your weekend, I give you:

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