Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1st Tuesday

Not only is today the first Tuesday of the month, but it has also been a special day of firsts for me as well. Today I ate Chik-fil-A for the first time in my life! (Karen assured me that it does not mean that I hate the gays. I love the gays!) Karen and I had chicken nuggets for lunch and while I wasn't disappointment, I wasn't impressed. I think I failed in finding my favorite sauce and more importantly, I am a sucker for the boot shaped processed nuggets and sweet & sour sauce McDonald's hawks to tots. During our lunch adventure, two amorous squirrels graced us with a performance. I've always been a bit surprised that I haven't seen squirrel nookie before, but low and behold, I knocked that off my list at lunch also. While walking back to the office, Karen asked me if there were any other things I'd like to do for the first time today, so I've decided to make a list. While I won't be able to get most of these done today, I like the idea of having a list to work off of for the future.
  • See squirrel poop. I'm not sure why squirrels make up so many firsts, but they are so abundant that I'm a bit surprised when I haven't experienced something squirrely that I would like to.
  • Own a pug.
  • Do a backflip off a diving board. This will surely take practice since I can't even do a front flip, but perhaps I can master it by the end of next summer. This summer, I will attempt a front flip, which I haven't done since I was a child.
  • I've never had a husband before, but that will be changing soon!
  • Do a pull-up on my own! Before you call me a whimp, it's pretty damn hard!
  • Buy a brand new car. This was something I had planned on doing in 2013, but with an unanticipated wedding bleeding my budget, I'll have to put this off a little bit longer.
  • Buy my first house!
  • Drink a frozen drink from a cup made out of a pineapple! I've never been to a tropical island before and won't be honeymooning in Hawaii, so when else would I have had the chance?! Well, I'm going to do this one tonight our monthly ladies movie night. Ladies Pyscho Beach Party, y'all!
  • Own my first pigeon! I already have a list of potential pigeon names. Since I hope to have a nice brood of pidges, I will name them consecutively from A-Z so I will be able to differentiate between the generations. I consider my pigeon tattoo, Amelia (after my great grandmother) to be my first named pigeon, so the real bird will be either Bernadette or Byron.
  • Shoot a gun! I'd love to go to the gun range or even play paintball.
  • Visit Chicago, Portland, Hawaii, and Alaska. I don't think there are many other states I have an interest in, but that sounds like a pretty good enough tour of America for me.
Do you have any things on your list that you'd like to do for the first time?

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