Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lady Thoughts

Hot damn, it's been a while since I've blogged! Things have been hectic in my world:
  • My sweetie was back home for the 4th of July and we had an excellent week together before he went back on the road for another two week tour. This time he's out with Trail of Dead and having a blast! I've been enjoying my quiet time at home doing chores, spring cleaning, and watching lots of Netflix. My ladies, of course, have been keeping me lots of company too. Which leads me to my next bullet point.
  • Last week, for our July movie night, we watched the Lifetime biopic of Anna Nicole Smith. It was exceptional, and since then I've remembered how much I loved Anna Nicole Smith. TrimSpa, baby! I started watching her old reality TV show, and while it is much worse than I remember, I still recommend you watch the Lifetime movie. Letty actually cried; it's that good

  • In more ladies night news, last night was an epic girls night at Trailer Space. Spot is out of town, so the boys' normal poker night was moved. Liz was running the shop and called the gaggle of girls over. I did some manicures and Liz picked out great tunes (we had a Brittany Spears hour), but it was the TSpace dudes that really outdid themselves. Niack brought roses for all the ladies, Tonucci funded a girls round of Cee-Lo, Mex catered with fancy cheeses and chocolates, and they all were popping bottles of the pinkest champagne. Even Mac got in on the action by welcoming our new arrivals with fresh glasses of bubbles. 

Round one: Lady shots!

Niack, treatin' the gals like princesses

Totes MexMode

Cee-Lo baby. I picked up $12 this round

  • Since the TSpace boys have their "Shirts-off Saturdays", we felt it was only fair that we got to go shirtless at girls night. Surprisingly, I have experienced few things as liberating and confidence-boosting as standing around in your bra (or topless for those few brave gals) with  lady friends (We kicked the boys out for this part, of course!). Everybody had nothing but great things to say about each other's boobies and we really relished the diversity. It certainly was nothing like those Lifetime sorority movies with magic markers and the walk of shame. We had our magic markers, alright, but ours were used to write awesome things and draw kitty cat faces on each other's bellies.
  • Ugh, y'all! It feels like the world is going nuts. After weeks of fighting at the capital with all the amazing ladies of Texas, I felt so emotionally exhausted after the passing of the anti-abortion legislation. I certainly don't feel defeated, but rather am very motivated to make things better. I haven't been politically active since Dennis Kucinich's Presidential bid in 2004, and I think I am 10 years overdue for some civil disobedience. Sisters are doing it for themselves!
  • Now, let's talk about legs. Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs, to be exact. I recently saw many blog posts suggesting that all summer brides skip the panty hose and go full blast on the leg makeup. I was intrigued and thought I would test it out, so I bought a bottle in the lightest shade. This stuff is pretty damn great, girls! Granted, it looked a little funny with my hairy legs, since I don't shave, but if I'm ever vain enough to shave my pasty stems, then I would certainly put on a full coat of this golden spray.

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