Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

Now that the Every Day in May blogging challenge is over, I can get back to my normal, snail's pace blogging style. I had to take a bit of a breather afterwards, as it was a struggle finding time to post daily, but I think June will be the regular, two-posts-a-week month. And now, for some tidbits!

  • As someone who wears glasses daily, I get a bit offended when I don't and people compliment me. I'm going to wear contacts on my wedding day and since I'm very new to the whole process, I've be practicing putting them in and taking them out. Last night it only took me 10 minutes with only one lens casualty. Sure beats the 45 minutes and 4 broken/lost lenses of the last attempt. BBC played a show at Beerland last night and I went de-bespectacled and got complimented incessantly. I should be flattered and happy, but for some reason (probably PMS) what I heard is, "OMG, you look so much prettier than you normally do without those ugly things on your ugly face." 

My face without glasses

  • My cucamelons were thriving until I forgot to water them earlier this week. I was pretty heartbroken whenever I came home and saw that they were all wilted. They are doing better, but are not as vibrant and healthy as they were before. 

  • My sister recently posted some old photos on Facebook. As if an upcoming wedding wasn't enough to get me into shape, this picture of me 25lbs thinner sure did the trick!

With my sister at her bachelorette party, 2003
  • This weekend is going to be a busy and exciting one. My cousin Gilbert is graduating with his MBA and his family and my grandmother will be in Austin. Tomorrow night we're having a cook out and some evening swimming that's sure to be refreshing in this heat. Also, Karen's little sister, Megan, is getting married! It's sure to be a family-filled, fun weekend.
  • And finally, I present you with a video that makes my boom boom bounce:

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