Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wendy Wednesday

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Texas politics. Perhaps some of y'all are exhausted from hearing so much about it, but I personally find this a victory that will never be forgotten and I get great joy reliving the experience many Texas men and woman shared yesterday.

As the morning started, Senator Wendy Davis began a filibuster that would extend over 13 hours to stop an anti-abortion bill from passing in a special session of the Texas Senate. Texas politics, as you can imagine, is complex (AKA nonsensical), and throughout the day there were multiple rulings made to try to end her stand. I had personally intended to head to the Texas state capital after 11am hoping that I would be able to stay until midnight. As many of the woman who would have been effected by the passing of Senate Bill 5 know, when you have financial requirements and multiple jobs, it's hard to commit to something that would take you away from work and your financial means of survival. It wasn't until the late afternoon that Beth and I were able to leave our jobs early and head out to the capital, but we did so brimming with excitement. We hopped on a bus and were giddy seeing other woman traveling to the capital with signs and wearing orange to show solidarity.

Surprisingly, yesterday's visit to the capital was my first; it's huge!! We navigated our way to the Senate auditorium (by following the sea of orange) and immediately stepped into line to watch Sen. Davis first hand. The line stretched around the rotunda and we saw familiar faces waiting to take it all in themselves. After 20 minutes, which only felt like 5, we were allowed into the gallery were admittance was "one in, one out" and we found our seats. It was truly exciting and I felt privileged to be participating in what felt like transparent government. We watched and listened for a half hour before heading out to allow others to experience live, civil protest.

Appreciation needs to be expressed to the organizations that worked hard to set everything up yesterday. There was an "overflow" auditorium that probably held 300 people where the proceedings were streaming live . Our friend Elia showed us the ropes and took us down to yet another room set up to house the supporters of Sen. Davis' filibuster. Donations of food and drink had been coming in throughout the day so that everybody would be able to stay and "stand with Wendy." Whole Foods, East Side Pies, Gourdough's Donuts, and pizza as far as the eye can see were available for free. Friends later told me that they saw pizza boxes with sharpie messages like, "Go, Wendy, Go" and "Support from Illinois" written on them. It was truly magical.

Last night I tried to think of my last role model and I can't honestly say that I've ever had one. Sure, I wanted to be Madonna during her "virginal" days and once I even said I wanted to grow up to be Boy George, but that's about it. As for heroes, mine was my Grandpaw, simply because he showed love and understanding like I had never experienced before. At 31, I feel like I have finally found my hero, my role model and well, quite frankly, it feels empowering.

I was fortunate enough to be raised during the "you can be anything you want to be" era and was always taught that I had the ability to succeed with hard work and education. Growing up, my father would always tell me that I was smart and beautiful and that smart, beautiful, women could do whatever it was they dreamt of. At times, I've frequently thought he was trying to inspire me with sexist sentiment, but quiet frankly he's right. A smart woman is a powerful thing, and if she is beautiful on top of that, she will be listened to by even the most misogynist prick! Yesterday, I saw smart, powerful, and beautiful women change Texas and god damnit, I'm a proud lady!

Cecile Richards in the gallery of the Texas Senate

My hero, Senator Wendy Davis

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bon Voyage, BBC

My sweetie left on Monday for a two week tour with his band, Gospel Truth, and I started missing him almost immediately. I know that sounds ridiculous, but there's something a little lonely knowing that I won't be seeing him for an extended amount of time. No matter how much I try to remind myself that he won't be at home whenever I get there after work, I've still been a little sad not to find him playing his music too loud whenever I get home. The week before he left he started meeting me at the bus stop with an ice cold, after-work beer. Now that's what I call husband material!

I made a 3 page list of chores and things to do while BBC was gone and so far I have organized two of our "messy" closets and made a detailed list of wedding-related craft projects. I think I will mask missing him with productivity, which is a great side effect. Tonight, I plan to dry clean our couch while watching the final Spurs playoff game. Gooo Spurs!

I also have lots of fun with friends planned. Last night was Ladies movie night, which is always a blast. Tomorrow night I will do some wedding planning and dinner with Pam. Saturday is Emily's tubing birthday extravaganza followed by Gina's birthday camping trip on Sunday, so come Monday I'll relish quite time alone at home.

So, with that, I wish you a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Hello, Wednesday! I missed work on Monday and since it feels like a Tuesday to me, enjoy some tidbits:
  • My beloved friend Karen passed away several years ago. My family treated her like she was my adopted sister and in a larger part her family has become a surrogate family, of sorts, to me. This weekend her little sister, Megan, got married in Austin and I was surprised by the emotions I felt being a part of it. The festivities started out with a bridal luncheon Friday afternoon, followed by a decadent rehearsal dinner Saturday evening, and a lovely ceremony and reception Sunday. Karen's mom said something touching to me, comparing her interest in my life to being the same as when an actress leaves a soap opera and the character is replaced by someone new. Karen and I are the same age, so I can understand her pleasure in seeing me grow up, get married, etc. I was a little surprised, however, to be seated at the table with the bridal party Saturday, but it was an honor and so great to catch up with Megan and get to know her groom, James better. I absolutely adore Megan's children, Astrid and Willa, and have kept photos of them on my dresser for years. They have grown into such spirited and sweet girls and I couldn't control my tears when they said "we do" when the minister asked, "Who gives this woman to be married?" 
Megan and James
Willa and Astrid
Phil and Megan
BBC and his MILF dance partner

LD and the MILF, my friend Marie
  • In more wedding news, it looks like BBC and I will be going to Costa Rica for our honeymoon after all!! Time to get our passports and travel vaccinations in order!
  • I've upgraded my electronic cigarette! I had been using Blu for nearly two years, but lately was disappointed with the cost of cartridge refills, the consistency of drags and inhales, and the battery life, so I upgraded to an industrial model. It's much, much bigger, but the battery lasts five times as long, the drag and vapor smoke is consistent, and most importantly I can refill the chamber with nicotine juice myself, which will save money! So far I am very pleased with the switch.
  • I think when new people ask how Brandon and I met, we should start telling them that we met online at Christian Mingle. I've been getting so many pop-up ads for Christian Mingle lately, that it seems like it could have potentially happened, even though neither of us are Christian, nor religious for that matter.
  • I went to the graffiti castle for the first time and it is so lovely! I heard through the grapevine that it would only be around for a few more months due to an impending redevelopment, so BBC and I rushed out there. I climbed to the top in heels, which I don't recommend, and we're planning on watching the 4th of July fireworks from the top with a picnic.

Look at that view!

  • And here's one last photo of me holding a tiny dog!


Friday, June 7, 2013

5 Facts Friday

Today's facts are brought to you by Mariah Carey!

  • Mariah has an amazing voice, nobody can disagree with that, but with regards to personality, she is probably one of my least favorite celebrities. 
  • She and Nick Cannon have a wedding every  year, which is not only extravagant, but plain stupid. Who am I kidding?! I would love to have a wedding every single year with tons of dancing, champagne, and friends. BBC wouldn't be able to handle it.

  • You're probably wondering why I'm posting about Mariah Carey and you're absolutely right to be confused. Well, last night I was googling celebrity measurements, heights, and weights and discovered that Mariah Carey is my Hollywood body double. This certainly doesn't please me, but then again, some people think she's got a smokin' bod.... until you see this
Anybody would look horrible in this swimmer!
  • And to close out today's facts, HERE is a BuzzFeed post on the itsy, bitsy dresses of Mimi.
That's a hoodie, silly!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

Now that the Every Day in May blogging challenge is over, I can get back to my normal, snail's pace blogging style. I had to take a bit of a breather afterwards, as it was a struggle finding time to post daily, but I think June will be the regular, two-posts-a-week month. And now, for some tidbits!

  • As someone who wears glasses daily, I get a bit offended when I don't and people compliment me. I'm going to wear contacts on my wedding day and since I'm very new to the whole process, I've be practicing putting them in and taking them out. Last night it only took me 10 minutes with only one lens casualty. Sure beats the 45 minutes and 4 broken/lost lenses of the last attempt. BBC played a show at Beerland last night and I went de-bespectacled and got complimented incessantly. I should be flattered and happy, but for some reason (probably PMS) what I heard is, "OMG, you look so much prettier than you normally do without those ugly things on your ugly face." 

My face without glasses

  • My cucamelons were thriving until I forgot to water them earlier this week. I was pretty heartbroken whenever I came home and saw that they were all wilted. They are doing better, but are not as vibrant and healthy as they were before. 

  • My sister recently posted some old photos on Facebook. As if an upcoming wedding wasn't enough to get me into shape, this picture of me 25lbs thinner sure did the trick!

With my sister at her bachelorette party, 2003
  • This weekend is going to be a busy and exciting one. My cousin Gilbert is graduating with his MBA and his family and my grandmother will be in Austin. Tomorrow night we're having a cook out and some evening swimming that's sure to be refreshing in this heat. Also, Karen's little sister, Megan, is getting married! It's sure to be a family-filled, fun weekend.
  • And finally, I present you with a video that makes my boom boom bounce: