Thursday, May 9, 2013

EDIM: Thursday Tidbits

EVERY DAY IN MAY, DAY 9: A moment in your day...

Today's moment is brought to you by Thursday Tidbits!
  • JJ and I order cucamelon seeds off Amazon in anticipation of summer pickles and fancy shandies. Cucamelons look like tiny watermelons and taste like lemony cucumbers! I planted 24 seeds and nearly each one is blooming. And since they only need 18mm of space between them and grow on vines, there is very little gardening work required, which is a god send for my black thumb.
  • Every time someone asks me what our wedding colors are I reply, "We don't have any." Judging from their response it is blasphemous to not have wedding colors. I can proudly say that we now have colors! Are you guys ready for this: grey, green, and orange. You probably think that sounds hideous, but I think it's just lovely. Let's look at some swatches:

  • I sent out my first round of wedding invitations yesterday and some of you have already received them. Yeeeeeps! I'm so excited and kudos to the United States Postal Service.
  • I have lived in Austin for a long time now and have NEVER been tubing! This weekend that is about to change. JJ and Josh have been building a floating grill and they are ready to test it out on the Comal River. Let's all cross our fingers that I don't come back looking like a lobster in a white bikini.
  • Just incase you forgot, this song and video are amazing:

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    Leticia said...

    Chad is extremely jealous of your cucamelons.