Saturday, May 18, 2013

EDIM: Child's Play

EVERY DAY IN MAY, DAY 18: Tell a story from your childhood.

A childhood story, eh?! This could be fun, but I can't think of any great stories. Looking back at my childhood, the time seems to have been disjointed; like I had several childhoods in one.

I have few memories of my childhood whilst I had a family-proper (married parents, sister, gerbils, etc.) There was one time my sister and I fed pepperoni off a pizza to our gerbils Pixie and Dixie, who later died that night from extreme heartburn. Our family went camping once at the beach, which was a disaster. My parents fought incessantly, which is awkward in a tent since you can't slam doors. It was pouring down rain and my father told us all not to touch the tent. I, of course, did many, many times. The rain started seeping in and at first I thought I could just pretend I wet my sleeping bag, but it didn't take long for everybody to catch on and pile into the station wagon to sleep.

I have such fond memories of living in Florida during the 1st and 2nd grade after my parents divorced for the first time. We lived with my mum, sister, grandmother, and the best aunts and uncles in the world, spending every weekend at the beach with a huge bucket of KFC. I never knew we were poor and haven't experienced family closeness like that since. I used to earn candy money by picking the neighbors' flowers from their lawns and then selling them back to them in haphazard bouquets. There were mormons on our street and I thought they were devil worshipers for not dressing up on Halloween. I had a frog named Lazybones who couldn't jump for some reason. For weeks I would exercise his legs after school, pumping them back and forth. One day he was missing and my mum said she thought she saw him jumping away and praised me for my commitment to his physical rehabilitation. Years later she told me that the dog ate him.

Then there was the short time when my parents remarried each other. My sister was an anxty tween and I just spent my days riding my bicycle barefooted. I, surprisingly, have few memories of this time. I think we went to Disney World. I remember eating tacos one night and my sister didn't wash the lettuce and I ate a bug. We didn't have tomatoes, so I put ketchup on my taco and thought the crunch of the bugs were a result of my imaginative creativity; fake tomato seeds because I pretended so well.

Now, as an adult, I think my teen years certainly count as my childhood, but that's that grey area of maturity that sometimes doesn't count when recounting childhood stories. My teen years were scandalous; I made trouble without ever getting into trouble.

But, back to the blog prompt... I give you this story. As children my mum would frequently leave my sister and I in the car as she ran into the grocery store or to pay for gas. They were different times then and nobody would have stolen my sister and I for long. My sister, Shannon, and I would play a game and try to guess how many seconds my mum would be gone. As she is older, she was much better at time math and cheating. I would say 3 and Shannon would count to 3 and I would lose. She would then start counting without declaring her guess and keep counting until my mother came back. She always won. And now, a photo of the two of us in the backseat of the family station wagon proving how conniving she truly was.

Sweet LD and sneaky Shannon

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