Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every Day in May: The Story of My Life

My wildly talented lady friend, Letty, recently posted that she will be participating in a May blog challenge to blog every day for the entire month. (You can read her posts HERE). Seeing as I've had a bit of a struggle lately writing anything besides wedding stuff, I'm signing myself up for the challenge! And with that, I give you Day 1: The story of my life in 250 words or less. (I tried my best, yet still went 77 words over).

I certainly hope you already know this, but my name is Lauren. I was born in Texas and although I’ve lived in Florida and Arizona, I’ve been a proud Texas girl for all of my life. 

I wouldn’t have expected to say that I was a family person, but as I grow older my family becomes more important to me. My sister lives near Houston with her husband and two children, which will be the only grandkids my will parents have since I have a strong diversion to owning children myself. I have a lovely mother, who is the true hero of our brood. She’s been on my side since the beginning, and even told the headmaster of a private Baptist pre-school to go to hell when they expelled a 3-year-old LD for being “possessed” and in need of psychological evaluation.

I have an art degree and have had many career aspirations over the years, but after stumbling into my current position I’ve decided that I’d like to be the Assistant Dean of Administration at a college. I certainly thought I’d be doing something more creative or artistic, but I’m pretty damn good at what I do and that’s been more fulfilling than expected. My dad once told me to get a job that afforded me a six-pack a night and then I could pursue creative endeavors in my personal life. Pretty sound advice if you ask me!

So, that leads me to present day. I’m in love, have amazing friends, and will soon be a blushing bride. My sweetie and I have two cats that are entering into their teenage years and we’ve just decided to add chickens to our family. It’s funny how so much has changed in the last couple of years, yet so little. Instead of chasing fantasy jobs across the country and day-dreaming of a leisurely, resort life, I’m chomping at the bit to buy a house and make roast beef dinners.

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Leticia said...

I am so excited you are participating, and I am taking your father's sage advice.