Friday, May 24, 2013

EDIM: Faulty Traits

EVERY DAY IN MAY, DAY 24: Your top 3 worst traits

This is a relatively simple blog prompt for me, as I have been vowing, as New Year's resolutions, to correct these 3 things for the last few years.
  • I'm an interrupter! It's really bad, y'all and completely rude. It isn't that I think what I have to say is more important than other people, but I just get so excited participating in conversations. I started working harder on correcting this fault of mine, as it really upsets my sweetie. I frequently interrupt him when he's telling a story by trying to finish the story he's  telling me. Half the time, whatever he is telling me isn't what I expected, yet I still make up an ending for him.
  • Every time I re-tell a story, which I do frequently, it gets grander and more magical. Naturally, this leads to fanciful stories with extra, colorful details spotted throughout. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm a great story teller and I have loads of true-to-life material, but it is disappointing when your best friend has to ask if something really happened of it it was a "mind movie".
  • When meeting new people, I almost immediately forget their name, even if they just told it to me. I'm trying to remedy this by saying their name at least 4 times in my head after learning it. However, it doesn't always work and I still think Jordan's name is Adrienne every time I see her.

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