Friday, May 31, 2013

EDIM: The End Has Come

EVERY DAY IN MAY, DAY 31:  A vivid memory.


Well, I have blogged every day for the month of May and I must say that it has been a little exhausting. I hope it hasn't been boring as a reader. I've enjoyed the prompts and have written about many things I wouldn't ordinarily have done, but today's prompt is leaving me blank. I have lots of vivid memories, but nothing that is earth shattering or necessarily interesting. So, I will offer you a list of some vivid memories that, on their own, would not be interesting.

  • I sampled some Bison meat in the 6th grade at a Whole Foods in Houston. I was a vegetarian at the time, but I thought Bison were extinct and that the meat was just supposed to be Bison-like in the same way that veggie burgers are burger-like. It was pretty damn chewy.
  • I can vividly remember my childhood dog running down the street after us every time we drove away, but I can't remember her name. She had mange and was outrageously infested with fleas.
  • My father bought me a bass guitar when I was in high school because the older dude working at the pizza shop in my neighborhood though Karen and I looked cool enough to be in a band. It turned out that I lacked talent and motivation, so nothing came of it, but we did talk frequently about potential band names. Once, while in the car with my father, we suggested The Knobs and my father did not  approve of that one and asked 20 questions as to why we thought of that. Now I understand.
  • In more vivid knob-related memories... There was a clock shop in League City named Ye Olde Clocke Shop. I spent many years in speech therapy, but before my impediments were fixed I had trouble saying the store's name. Every time we drove by the store I would say the name because it made my mum laugh hysterically and I've always loved the sound of her laugh. One day she snapped at me and told me to never say it again and my pride was pretty shaken up as a result, but it makes total sense now. Nobody wants their 5 year old daughter screaming "Ye Old Cock Shop" every time you drive past Main Street. (It really was on Main Street!)
  • Last night I had a dream in which I watched 3 episodes of the new Arrested Development. Even though I have still not watched them, I was pretty disappointed in my dream and I think that is as real as I need.

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