Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EDIM: Bay Area Vacation Photos

EVERY DAY IN MAY, DAY 28: Only pictures

San Francisco and Oakland travel blog as told by vacation photos:

car2go parking at ABIA

1st Virgin flight from Austin to San Francisco

Our bed at Ghostown Recording Studios

Beach at the Albany Landfill

Albany Landfill rubix cube

Albany Landfill view of San Fransisco

BBC at the Nasty Club, Albany Landfill

Albany Landfill

Albany Landfill

Greg's casket garden

Rooftop drinks: Brittany, Lacey, LD, and Greg
Pigeon graffiti in The Mission


Greg & Yea-Ming by some sculpture

Alcatraz Ferry: Greg, LD, BBC


Gorgeous Flora at Alcatraz

Alcatraz Gardens

Alcatraz birds nesting

BBC in the Rec Yard
BBC high atop the Rec Yard

Visiting hours

Look at that skyline! San Fran from Alcatraz

Dropping a deuce in Cellblock B

Drinks aboard the Alcatraz Ferry

Our Alcatraz triple date
Mai Tais at the Empress of China

BBC's head looks photoshopped onto his body

Brittany, BBC, and LD at Empress of China

Just us gals! Lacey, Beth, Brittany, LD

Pigeon Man in East Oakland

BBC dropping some beats

Matt, deep in recording thought

Mix-Master Greg

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