Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Houston for 60

This past weekend I had a fun and full time in Houston!

Beth and I drove in from Austin Friday afternoon and stopped off at a boutique to try on some potential wedding dresses I'd had my eyes on. I'm not really sure why, but I was so overwhelmed by the whole process and was a bundle of nerves. I had a flashback to middle school trying on bikinis for the first time; everything felt inappropriate and I was completely embarrassed showing off each gown. I think I tried on a total of 10 or so different dresses ranging from white to gold and micro mini to floor length. In the end, I bought the one dress I hadn't even wanted to try on. The stylist suggested it and I'm pretty pleased with the final results. The fact that it has pockets are what sold me on the dress. How else is a blushing bride supposed to carry her electronic cigarettes?! Naturally, I'm going to keep the final dress a surprise, but here are some photos nevertheless:

I wanted to love this dress so badly, but it fit like a potato sack

Beth stylishly watching

After spending more money on a white dress than I feel comfortable with, Beth and I met her dad for drinks at the gay bar and the most delicious mussels I've ever eaten, at Cafe Brussels, while we waited for Matt's MegaBus to arrive before heading to my parents' house for the night.

Saturday was a birthday celebration for my dad! He turned 60 in February, but postponed his party until April so his family could fly over from England. My mum did a great job with the planning and everything went smoothly, with the exception of the tardy caterer. I spent some time teaching my nephew how to go crabbing on the bayou dock, but we didn't have much for bait and we didn't catch anything with our bacon and hot dog. Stayten joined as well, which was a pleasant treat. I had a great time catching up with family and old family friends that I hadn't seen in a while and word had spread about my engagement, so there was lots of wedding talk going around. I guess I better get used to that being the standard topic of conversation until we finally get married.

Sunday morning we spent our last moments with the UK family before heading to brunch with Beth's dad and the gang. Rich's favorite brunch spot is Riva's as they have bottomless mimosas, which are always a hit. It felt like a jovial reunion with Tom, Lacey, and Stayten, but it was just the normal gang. Lacey is preparing for a career in the Navy, so there was much talk about her bon voyage. Naturally, I am happy for any decision my friends make that excite them, but I will hate to see her go.

Stayten clearly enjoys the decor at Riva's

Bottoms up with Lacey and Stayten

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