Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cabin Fever

This past weekend, BBC and I escaped the city for some much needed outdoorsy R and R. We borrowed gear from Emily and JJ, loaded up the cooler, and pitched our tent near the banks of the San Marcos River. It was a wonderful experience, y'all!

Campfire living, y'all

I've been camping several times, but never with my sweetie and I've never been the coordinator of such events. I quickly learned last week that prized locations fill up fast. Who'd of though that you have to reserve a camp site like a hotel room! Fortunately, Greg suggested a private campground just outside of Lockhart, in Fentress. The staff were outrageously nice and friendly, the bathrooms were spotless, we played some mini golf, walked along the winding river bed, swam, and felt like two young hippies basking in the twilight of our youth. Unlike the state parks I've camped in during peak season, these camp grounds weren't riddled with rednecks or frat boys and the pop country noise pollution I normally experience was nonexistent. We'll certainly be going back and you should check it out, too! They have tent sites, cabins, tree houses, and RV hook-ups for those of you who camp in luxury. Here is a link to their website: Leisure Resort

Granted, it was early in the camping season, but for most of our stay we had three empty campsites beside us. On our last night, a huge Hispanic family pulled in with four tents and set up what I could only describe as grandkid camping heaven; gallon pitchers of kool-aid, loteria with fun prizes, chili dogs, and a projected movie screen made from a bed sheet. At first we were pretty excited to get a free show, until they started projecting Ernest Scared Stupid. (I can't believe children are still watching Ernest movies!)

Campfire films

I wanted to start Easter Sunday off right by rolling a boulder in front of our tent so Brandon would feel like the resurrected Jesus waking up, but things didn't quite pan out accordingly. Other than that, our trip was a success and we will be getting our own camping gear soon to take in more of the great outdoors.

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