Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Facts Friday

Well, I have been pretty absent from my blog lately. Most of my spare time has been coordinating wedding plans, which is pretty damn wonderful! So, in order to maintain an "It's me..... the LD" pulse, here is a list:

1. My hair is so blonde!!! A couple of weeks ago, the amazing Pam "dropped the base" on my hair. It certainly sounds very hip hop, but she essentially turned my highlights into overall color. It's taken me a while to get used to it, but having champagne colored hair is pretty nice.

2. I've been reliving my 90s all day by listening to the moody, black-hearted love songs of Nine Inch Nails. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they play Fun Fun Fun Fest this year.

3. Over SXSW, at Doug's Chili Dog Festival, I won yet another tattoo gift certificate. Instead of getting one myself, I gave the gift certificate to BBC so he can get a tattoo of his finished. He goes on Monday and I'm totally jealous. What is it about tattoos that makes people just want more. What's on my list for the next tattoo? Well, it's another pigeon, naturally!

4. I'm making our wedding invitations this weekend!!! I'm pretty excited, so watch your mail box.

5. My sea monkey colony is down to one pregnant female. At first I was worried that she would be lonely, but like any great woman, she is relishing her freedom and enjoying the vast expanse of swimming space. None of the other pregnancies produced babies, so I'm really hoping she pops some out soon. As it is, I'm pretty surprised she's survived 5 months now.

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Jessica said...

She must feel a lot of pressure. As far as she knows, she's the last of her species.