Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Facts Friday

Well, I have been pretty absent from my blog lately. Most of my spare time has been coordinating wedding plans, which is pretty damn wonderful! So, in order to maintain an "It's me..... the LD" pulse, here is a list:

1. My hair is so blonde!!! A couple of weeks ago, the amazing Pam "dropped the base" on my hair. It certainly sounds very hip hop, but she essentially turned my highlights into overall color. It's taken me a while to get used to it, but having champagne colored hair is pretty nice.

2. I've been reliving my 90s all day by listening to the moody, black-hearted love songs of Nine Inch Nails. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they play Fun Fun Fun Fest this year.

3. Over SXSW, at Doug's Chili Dog Festival, I won yet another tattoo gift certificate. Instead of getting one myself, I gave the gift certificate to BBC so he can get a tattoo of his finished. He goes on Monday and I'm totally jealous. What is it about tattoos that makes people just want more. What's on my list for the next tattoo? Well, it's another pigeon, naturally!

4. I'm making our wedding invitations this weekend!!! I'm pretty excited, so watch your mail box.

5. My sea monkey colony is down to one pregnant female. At first I was worried that she would be lonely, but like any great woman, she is relishing her freedom and enjoying the vast expanse of swimming space. None of the other pregnancies produced babies, so I'm really hoping she pops some out soon. As it is, I'm pretty surprised she's survived 5 months now.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Houston for 60

This past weekend I had a fun and full time in Houston!

Beth and I drove in from Austin Friday afternoon and stopped off at a boutique to try on some potential wedding dresses I'd had my eyes on. I'm not really sure why, but I was so overwhelmed by the whole process and was a bundle of nerves. I had a flashback to middle school trying on bikinis for the first time; everything felt inappropriate and I was completely embarrassed showing off each gown. I think I tried on a total of 10 or so different dresses ranging from white to gold and micro mini to floor length. In the end, I bought the one dress I hadn't even wanted to try on. The stylist suggested it and I'm pretty pleased with the final results. The fact that it has pockets are what sold me on the dress. How else is a blushing bride supposed to carry her electronic cigarettes?! Naturally, I'm going to keep the final dress a surprise, but here are some photos nevertheless:

I wanted to love this dress so badly, but it fit like a potato sack

Beth stylishly watching

After spending more money on a white dress than I feel comfortable with, Beth and I met her dad for drinks at the gay bar and the most delicious mussels I've ever eaten, at Cafe Brussels, while we waited for Matt's MegaBus to arrive before heading to my parents' house for the night.

Saturday was a birthday celebration for my dad! He turned 60 in February, but postponed his party until April so his family could fly over from England. My mum did a great job with the planning and everything went smoothly, with the exception of the tardy caterer. I spent some time teaching my nephew how to go crabbing on the bayou dock, but we didn't have much for bait and we didn't catch anything with our bacon and hot dog. Stayten joined as well, which was a pleasant treat. I had a great time catching up with family and old family friends that I hadn't seen in a while and word had spread about my engagement, so there was lots of wedding talk going around. I guess I better get used to that being the standard topic of conversation until we finally get married.

Sunday morning we spent our last moments with the UK family before heading to brunch with Beth's dad and the gang. Rich's favorite brunch spot is Riva's as they have bottomless mimosas, which are always a hit. It felt like a jovial reunion with Tom, Lacey, and Stayten, but it was just the normal gang. Lacey is preparing for a career in the Navy, so there was much talk about her bon voyage. Naturally, I am happy for any decision my friends make that excite them, but I will hate to see her go.

Stayten clearly enjoys the decor at Riva's

Bottoms up with Lacey and Stayten

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Much of my time these days has been devoted to wedding planning and I'm having a pretty great time!

With the exception of securing the Zilker Clubhouse, everything has been pretty stress free. BBC and I had our hearts set on the clubhouse for many reasons, the main one for me being that it was where our romance first blossomed. It's also incredibly affordable, offers lots of freedom with planning, has an outstanding view of the Austin skyline, and we can pack it full with all of our friends. And it is because of all these reasons that it's very hard to secure. Reservations are made by lottery and it took a couple of weeks before we even learned that we weren't selected in the lottery. With the fortune of fate, we did get a date after a lottery winner cancelled and now everything else is falling into place.

Zilker Clubhouse after sunset

We've planned our ceremony almost in it's entirety. We'll have a private ceremony with only our immediate families in attendance, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, and our friend Mitch will officiate. We're still deciding on ceremony music and it feels a little silly to walk down an aisle with only 12 people watching, but we're still hammering out those kinks. I asked Brandon about music and in true Devo devotion, he said he wanted to me to walk down the aisle to this song by Mark Mothersbaugh.

I've picked out my wedding ring and several dresses, one of which should be arriving in the mail any day now. This Friday Beth and I will be looking at a few more and I'm really hoping the one I fell in love with online is just as lovely in person. Originally, my sweetie was going to wear this remarkable three piece, brown plaid, vintage suit I bought him, but he has since decided to get a new suit. We actually found the suit yesterday, which makes me very happy because earlier this week he said he wanted a suit like this one!

I knew going into this that BBC and I have many  wonderful friends who were delighted for us and excited to help us out in any way they can. I didn't, however, realized how many great offers and surprises would come our way! Aaron and Chelsea will be making photo buttons for us as party favors, Brandon's great friend Juliana is providing a photo booth to record our reception celebration, last night Letty offered to perform, and we've started getting DJ set offers also. It feels pretty awesome to have so many talented friends who want to help us make our day special.

Well, that's my update for now. Time to start picking out invitations!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cabin Fever

This past weekend, BBC and I escaped the city for some much needed outdoorsy R and R. We borrowed gear from Emily and JJ, loaded up the cooler, and pitched our tent near the banks of the San Marcos River. It was a wonderful experience, y'all!

Campfire living, y'all

I've been camping several times, but never with my sweetie and I've never been the coordinator of such events. I quickly learned last week that prized locations fill up fast. Who'd of though that you have to reserve a camp site like a hotel room! Fortunately, Greg suggested a private campground just outside of Lockhart, in Fentress. The staff were outrageously nice and friendly, the bathrooms were spotless, we played some mini golf, walked along the winding river bed, swam, and felt like two young hippies basking in the twilight of our youth. Unlike the state parks I've camped in during peak season, these camp grounds weren't riddled with rednecks or frat boys and the pop country noise pollution I normally experience was nonexistent. We'll certainly be going back and you should check it out, too! They have tent sites, cabins, tree houses, and RV hook-ups for those of you who camp in luxury. Here is a link to their website: Leisure Resort

Granted, it was early in the camping season, but for most of our stay we had three empty campsites beside us. On our last night, a huge Hispanic family pulled in with four tents and set up what I could only describe as grandkid camping heaven; gallon pitchers of kool-aid, loteria with fun prizes, chili dogs, and a projected movie screen made from a bed sheet. At first we were pretty excited to get a free show, until they started projecting Ernest Scared Stupid. (I can't believe children are still watching Ernest movies!)

Campfire films

I wanted to start Easter Sunday off right by rolling a boulder in front of our tent so Brandon would feel like the resurrected Jesus waking up, but things didn't quite pan out accordingly. Other than that, our trip was a success and we will be getting our own camping gear soon to take in more of the great outdoors.