Thursday, March 21, 2013


SXSW is over and I'm just starting to feel the relief at the end of the hectic tunnel. Even though I escaped the city for much of SXSW, my adventures in Dallas maintained the same level of fun and excitement!

This past weekend started with a BANG! Thursday night Jamie and I went to the Nick Cave concert in Dallas, with half of Austin. It was great bumping into handfuls of friends: Jenna, Candice, Tonucci, Carson, the Webbs, Beth, Matt, Gina, Catherine, Ms. Fox, Alison, and Jeremy to name a few. Our second row seats were outstanding, but quickly became useless when Nick Cave invited the entire audience to get out of their staunch seats and up front to the stage. His performance was intense, to say the least. It was, hands down, the best concert I've ever been to! You can watch an amazing video from the front HERE. Here are some of my own pics:

Friday morning Jamie and I started our day brilliantly with mimosas, followed by an afternoon at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles' pool. The weather was perfect, the Jell-O shots were $1.00, and the company was great. I learned that the Eagles started Mother's Day, women must get the approval of two female members of the ladies auxiliary for membership, and those Eagles can throw a mean pool party. Jamie submitted an application and I can't wait to find out what the initiation is going to entail.

Delivering our bargain beers

Poolside jigglers

Saturday in Dallas was the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration I've ever experienced. Our original plan was to make green gin and juice Jell-O shots, jump on a parade float, throw those Jell-o shooters to parade goers, and essentially be the ultimate winner of the parade. We failed at the Jell-O shots and slept through the start of the early morning parade. Our celebration wasn't a bust, however, and we hit the streets with Audra for a day of drinks, sunshine, awkward cab rides, tons of frat boys, tiny hats, and green, green, green. Our day ended with a terrible Snoop Lion concert and then I was off on a Mega Bus back to Austin.
Tiny hats

Tiny dogs in tiny hats

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