Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MORE New House Tidbits

  • We're finally getting things hung on the walls. Here's a picture of Hazel, the deer and Maude, the dik dik resting peacefully on their new walls.

  • This past Sunday my cat, Boris, sunk his vampire fangs into my hand leaving me with four puncture holes. It was pretty intense and I nearly fainted from the pain, but it was just a quick moment of dramatics. A friendly neighbor cat, who I call Russell, was trying to introduce himself to Boris when a cat fight nearly broke out. I pushed Boris into the house and his jaws clamped down on my hand. I went to the doctor and got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, because cats have pretty nasty teeth and talons. The following day I found this dead mouse, presumably killed by Russell and left as a peace offering to Boris. Wouldn't that be adorable if Boris had a hunting buddy?!

  • In more Boris news, I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a kitty cat collar cam so I can voyeur on his daily activities while he checks out the new neighborhood. Live blog, cat cam coming in the future?
Not my cat, but Boris will look equally foolish

  • We are slowly getting our kitchen organized, which has been the biggest struggle. It is nearly three times as big as my old kitchen, and with so many organizational options I've been dragging my feet. It's been a little hard to learn the ideal layout because our oven hasn't worked since we've moved in, so we haven't been using the kitchen like we normally will. Fortunately, my diet of salads and sandwiches should be changing soon, as we will be getting a new one oven 5-10 days. 
  • We have a roach problem! It has been a very, very long time since I had to deal with roaches as they never made their way into my garage apartment. The exterminators came this morning, so I can now sleep soundly knowing my kitchen isn't being raided. 
  • Boris and Cecilia received their first housewarming present! Cousin Simon (Aunt Jules helped, I'm sure) sent them the cutest, tiniest parcel I've ever seen. The package was no bigger than the palm of my hand and a colorful die (singular of dice) was wrapped up in tiny newspaper print. Thanks, Cousin Simon and Aunt Jules!
The new place is to die for!

  • I've slowly been getting used to taking showers instead of bubble baths, but the plumber came out yesterday to make sure a renovation of the bathroom was possible and he gave the go-ahead on installing a bathtub. Every time I'm in our tiny, one-person shower stall I sing a version of Taylor Swift's We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together  and it goes like this: "We are never, ever, ever taking couple showers. You go take your shower, I'll take my shower separately, cause we are never, ever, ever taking couples showers." Naturally, I think it's adorable! Here's the original so you can sing along with my version:

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