Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friday on Tuesday

Today is my last day in the office before I start my own spring break vacation!

I typically take the week of spring break off to run amuck at SXSW, but this year Nick Cave and the tasks of organizing our new house has thrown a wrench in the tradition. This is not a complaint, as I feel blessed to be able to skip out on the frenzy while not feeling like I'm missing out on anything. Perhaps this is a sign of "settling down," since I no longer care about missing the party. That being said, you can bet your ass I'm still going to have a great time! Here are my personal party plans:

  • Tuesday: My sweetie has been working tirelessly this week. Most of his shifts are 16 hours long, from 11am - 3am. He has the night off tonight, so we will certainly be hitting the town with our first stop being Chelsea and Aaron's annual crawfish boil with over 100 pounds of crawfish! I'm ready to get messy.
  • Wendesday: Wednesday will be my first official free day, but I don't have much of anything planned just yet.
  • Thursday: Watch out Dallas, here we come. There are caravans full of friends headed up to Big D for the Nick Cave show and I can't wait to get moody. Beth, Matt, and I will be leaving early in the afternoon to try to avoid some traffic and get rested for our pre-gaming session. Since my sweetie can't attend, Jamie will be my date in the 2nd row and I can't wait to squeal with her.

  • Friday: Two words: KING SPA! Beth had the brilliant idea of spending the day at King Spa for rest and relaxation. $20 gets you in for 24 hours of spas, saunas, and Korean food.

  • Saturday: Saturday I will join Jamie for the Dallas Observer's St. Patrick's Day parade and concert with Snoop Dogg! What does one wear to such an event? I can't decide if sweat pants or head-to-toe green rhinestones is more appropriate.
  • Sunday: There is only one event during SXSW that I never miss, Doug's Chili Cheese Dog Fest. This year mark's the 4th year and the line-up is better than ever: Hacienda, Golden Boys, Spider Bags, Crack Pipes, December Boys, and my sweetie's band, Gospel Truth. I may be missing out on SXSW-proper, but my Sunday will make up for all of that!
Gina, Beth, Heather, Jamie and a bruised LD at Chili Dog Fest 2

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