Monday, March 11, 2013

BBC's Crying Purple Tears

I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie woman on a mission. The zombie part comes from being woken up by my sweetie at 2:30am when he got home from work. He burst into our bedroom full of energy and excitement and a face full of happy tears. Sure, my sweetie frequently cries tears of joy, but he has never been so full of excited energy like he was last night. What could have brought this on, you ask?! One simple, purple word: PRINCE! Last night it was announced that Prince would be playing at SXSW on Saturday. I should have taken a video of my 40 year old boo crying like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert, but it pretty much looked just like this:

So, how much does BBC like Prince? God, I'm not sure if I can even put that into words. When he was a kid, his parents thought he might be gay because he had a nearly-nude poster of Prince hanging above his bed. A couple of weeks ago, he listened to the latest Prince song over and over and over and over....... and then talked my ear off about how amazing it is. While I thought it was campy, he schooled me on old-school Prince style until I begged him to stop geeking out. Brandon knows more Prince trivia and history than Wikipedia! AND he's sat through all 3 of Prince's movies, which we all know is a struggle for even the biggest Prince fans. Last night when I texted him at work about the Prince SXSW show, he left his post at the bar to run to the bathroom to control his excitement and tears of joy. So that brings me to my mission. I am going to do everything I can to get my sweetie into that show.

I'm rolling with the punches and obstacles as the come: I had plans to be in Dallas this weekend but I'm cutting it short, BBC doesn't have a SXSW badge, there's the chance that tickets will be issued through a lottery like most of these huge last minute SXSW shows are, I may have to camp out over the week to hold his space in line. I don't know what it's going to take, but I'm up for the challenged! I think the first step is getting that SXSW badge that I scoff at every year. So, I've started a FundMe page to raise contributions. You can donate HERE. Every penny helps!

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