Friday, March 8, 2013

5 Facts Friday

  • Sea Monkey Update: I have been successful in keeping my sea monkeys alive for over 3 months now, which is no small feat. I currently have 3 pregnant females, and while I'm not sure what happened, the 2 that were previously pregnant either died or didn't have viable babies. About a month ago there was a fight and I think one was eaten, so it must be pretty hard to raise children amongst rampant cannibalism.

  • The exterminator did not tell me about the roach carcasses that would surface after extermination. I found 3 yesterday! While it's super gross, I'd prefer a dead roach to a running roach.
  • I wish I could take a better picture of this, but it just doesn't show up well. I still have a huge bruise around my 4 month old tattoo. I took almost a year for the bruising to fade around the last one, so I guess this is "normal". I think my superpower is bruising and HERE and HERE is the past blogs to prove it.

  • Yesterday I had my first Doritos Locos Cool Ranch taco from Taco Bell. While I wasn't really a fan of the original Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos taco, I was very,  excited about the Cool Ranch taco. My verdict: It tastes like a normal Taco Bell taco with a little bit of zest. The highlight of my DLT experience, however, was being shamed while eating it at my desk when a student of mine walked in on me. I'll have you know, that this isn't the first time I've been embarrassed by Taco Bell at work, which brings me to my final tidbit...
  • A couple of years ago I had a bug problem in my office and was repeatedly calling the exterminators on campus. After a stressful bout of grant proposals I decided to gorge myself on Taco Bell and locked my door so nobody would witness the taco-caust. I ignored an aggressive knock on my door only to be surprised when I heard keys jingling to unlock it. Stricken with the thought of being viewed as a big 'ole fatty, I hid my half-eaten tostada in my desk drawer and rushed to let the stranger in. The aforementioned stranger was none other than the exterminator, who then opened my desk drawer to find a stash of unwrapped food. Like a pro, he pointed at the dollop of sour cream that smeared along the side my steno pad and with total dead pan delivery said, "I think I've found your problem." Oh, it gets better..... I felt forced to explain myself, so I poured my heart out to this strange and told him I was stress eating, tried to ignore his knock, and then panicked out of fear and embarrassment. "I'll never understand women," was his response. So true, Orkin Man, so true!  

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